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Dec 17, 2009 06:54 PM

Mexican/Mayan in brattleboro

Has anyone tried the new Mexican/Mayan place on Canal St. in Brattleboro? I'm hoping it's a knock out. Would love to have a new affordable choice here.

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  1. The menu looks good (they have a website). Some positive comments on iBrattleboro. Its a soft opening at this point, so they're only open weekends I think. There was one comment that they ran out of food on a Saturday, so they're definitely working out the kinks. I drove by there last night just after 5pm and they weren't open. I'm looking forward to trying it, definitely.

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    1. It looks like we'll have to make a road trip up there, though I blanche at the thought of paying $5.50 for ONE panucho.

      1. I am planning on going tomorrow, and so far my son has told me that everyone he knows that has tried it, has liked it. He was going to eat there last night, but the wait was over 30 minutes so they left. I will tell you that the place is not very big so that may be a factor, Also they are only taking cash right now as the credit card machine is not yet working.

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          My son just got back from there and said it was REALLY good. This time they had reservations. He said all the food tastes very fresh and they will be going back. Can't wait till I go. After the new year the hours will be expanded and they now have the credit card machine up and running..

        2. I had a wonderfull simple meal there, it is definitely regional mexican, not chips salsa and sour cream. The owner/hostess, and her mother/chef were both super nice.

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            I feel like this may be beyond the scope and intent of this board, but I figure I'd try anyway. My husband and I would make a special trip to Brattleboro to visit this restaurant (since he's been in the States, we've not found a Yucatec Maya restaurant in New England) and would want to spend the night in Brattleboro. Of course, it sounds better to wait until they're a bit more established to ensure that they'll actually be open...but any recommendations for inexpensive lodging in town? And since it sounds like they don't have a liquor license, any suggestions for pre-dinner cocktails?

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              I can't speak to inexpensive lodging since I live here, but iBrattleboro seems like a good source for local info.

              We ate at 3 Stones today and the food was truly delicious. We are so excited that such good, authentic food is here and plan to support them as much as financially possible.

              There are no chips and salsa, no. But that's because chips and salsa aren't Mayan. Think Yucatec in style - black beans, white rice, green salsas.

              As for the $5.50 for a single panucho, it does come with rice and beans and the option for multiple toppings (meat, cheese, salpicon, curtida, etc.) on a bean-stuffed corn tortilla. So, for those not familiar, think a thick kind of tostada with all the trimmings (except lettuce) with rice, beans, salsa. Its very filling. I had the two panucho combo and was stuffed.

              My husband had the fried tortillas (2) with rice and beans and all the meat, toppings, etc. Then we split a tres leches cake.

              The restaurant welcomes BYOB while they await their liquor license approval. There are currently no appetizers on the menu but there are a la cart tamal and empanada which could be ordered as appetizer.

              I recommended they add a tasting platter to the menu that has tortilla, empanada, tamale, etc. Because a lot of people may not be familiar with the menu options and it would give people the opportunity to order a little bit of everything. I think it would be a great addition and two people could split it.

              Anyways, we loved it and definitely recommend it!

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                I'm so glad to hear this, Bri! Maybe we'll run down next weekend... hmmm....

                What meat did you get? How was it? What was the rice like? and the beans? :) Details I want details! ;) A tasting platter would be awesome, we always want to get different options.

                gabachayucateca, check my profile and contact me for information about lodgings.

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                  The meat was very tender, tasty and moist. We tried both the chicken and pork adobado and it was all delicious.

                  Rice was typical rice for the cuisine - white, soft, a perfect blank palate for the beans, meat and all other deliciousness.

                  Beans are black beans, cooked to perfect tenderness. I usually eat my entree over the beans and rice and let all the drippings and droppings fall in, then mix the rice and beans together, add some more salsa and gobble it all up.

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                    Forgot to add, I thought the pricing was reasonable. Its one single menu, so no price increases for dinner time eating. The two of us spent $28 pre-tip with two entrees, two drinks, and one dessert.

                    I did think the tres leches was a tiny portion for $4 though. It was about the size of an individual flan cut into 1/4. So maybe a couple of bites each when sharing. That was my only complaint - I wanted a larger dessert portion. But, hey, I'm sure my waistline thanks them...

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                  Haven't been to 3 Stones yet, but I've stayed at the Latchis Hotel a few times, and have been happy there. It's a fairly simple and older place with history. It doesn't have the amenities of the Holiday Inn Express or other chains in Brattleboro, but it's downtown, and you can walk almost anywhere from there. The rates aren't super cheap, but there are some attractive packages that are well worth the price. Robin, the manager, is always very helpful.


              2. We have now been there twice and I can tell you that this is a great little place. Good food, great people, fair prices, and cozy space. We have tried almost everything on the menu and also a special. everything tastes fresh, wholesome, and cooked with love. Nothing here will blow your mind, but i felt that I was in grandma's kitchen. A truly refreshing alternative. Please support them!