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Dec 17, 2009 05:45 PM

Help me choose for post-TX Bowl NYE Houston-Catalan, Danton's, Other?

We're coming to Houston for the TX Bowl on NYE. DH and I are adventerous eaters. Sister and nephew, not-so-much. Sis thought Danton's looked good, so we have a reservation there (they have a very limited menu for NYE). I thought Catalan looked great, so made a reservation there. We will cancel one of them (or both, if something more appealing is possible). I wanted to try Feast, but sis nixed it.

We'll be going straight from the game. Have a car. Staying in Conroe and will be headed back there after dinner. So, we'll not be able to "dress" for dinner. I'm hoping we won't be too out-of-place at Catalan.

Our reservations at Danton's and Catalan are for 8:30 pm. Is that doable, after a 2:30 pm game?

I'm looking for input on these two places and we are open to any other suggestions!

Also, are there any good places up around Conroe/Spring/The Woodlands for the 30th or maybe even open on New Years Day?

TIA for any help Houstonians might offer!

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  1. Catalan is an excellent choice. Between all the small plates, street food, soups, salads and entrees there should be something for everyone to enjoy. Also the wine list is spectacular and one of the most reasonably priced in town. We like to get a bunch of small plates and mix and match. And you can get an order of seared foie gras to add on, or eat alone, for only $9. It was enough for 2 of us to share along with all the other small plates. If you search this board you will see other Catalan recs from people. And Catalan is not a fancy dress sort of place. We don't usually eat at seafood places so don't know about Danton's but have heard it is really good.

    Sorry but don't know squat about Conroe/Spring/Woodlands. Well maybe a bit but not what you want to know. I would go to and check it out. They have a list of places open on New Years Day, and you can search by area for restaurants. Have a great time and Happy Holidays and New Year.