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Dec 17, 2009 05:40 PM

Current best/old faves in YYC

As I mentioned in my NYE post, I have a Seattle foodie visiting for the holidays. I'm looking for recommendations of restaurants in Calgary, Canmore and Banff that never fail to please. Also, hoping not to break the bank so choices so I know that narrows the field a little. Lunch or dinner, any kind of food... what are your faves?

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  1. My favourite (most consistent) restaurant in the area is The Bison in Banff. You have a choice of going downstairs for a less expensive, more casual menu or upstairs for an amazing weekend brunch or more expensive dinner menu.

    The Grizzly House is also fun in Banff - it's a fondue/hot rock house. Although expect to come out stinking like grease.

    I've also had some great meals at The Trough in Canmore.

    And heard some great things about the burgers at Iron Goat Pub in Canmore.

    In Calgary - some of my personal favs: Divino's, Alloy, Petite. For brunch I enjoy Diner's Deluxe or Pfanntastic Pannenkoek Haus. L'Epicerie also serves really good baguettes.

    Thi Thi in Chinatown is a Calgary institution for amazing, mouthwatering Vietnamese subs.

    Have fun! I'm actually going to your city for a couple days over the holidays and excited for it.

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      I'll second L'Épicerie and its sandwiches, patés, and macarons. And I'll also second Thi Thi.

      I think a trip to Phil & Sebastian's Marda Loop shop is in order, as an example of coffee enthusiasm and excellence in Calgary.

      And I don't know how your Seattle foodie is doing for knives, but a visit to Knifewear and the grocers and shops in Inglewood would a nice foodie day trip.

      If your friend likes cupcakes and delicious free-form pies, Bliss & Co. won't disappoint.

      For good value and a Hong Kong- and Cantonese-style cuisine, I like Calgary Court and Forbidden City.

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        yes if you're coming from Seattle and love coffee I definitely second Phil and Sebastien's in Mardaloop. Bliss & Co. is another great suggestion!

    2. If you're willing to detour down south a bit, but still keep the mountain views, the Longview Steakhouse (in Longview of course) has always been great for us. The Monday - Friday lunch menu has a great steak sandwich and other daily specials in the $10 - $15 range. We've had great dinners too, but you lose the view to darkness this time of year.

      1. These are all such wonderful suggestions, thank you! I have not yet been to the steakhouse in Longview, and what a great time to go. The drive is lovely as long as the roads are okay.
        I haven't tried the Bison in Banff yet either, so those are two good road trip suggestions. Inglewood and Marda Loop are also on the list now. Thanks!