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Dec 17, 2009 05:39 PM

Anyone eaten at The Wright (at the Guggenheim) yet?

Scouting restaurant options for my parents’ January NYC trip. Guggenheim is one of 4 museums on their quick itinerary, and my dad is a big FLWright-ophile. They’re not serious foodies, and in general I’m trying to come up with “good value” options for them (thanks, chowhounds for the great links and archives). Any info you could share about the food, portion size, service, “the space,” and Bar vs. regular Wright would be appreciated. And since we’re talking lunch on a Friday in early January, what’s the likelihood that reservations would actually be needed? TIY

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  1. I went for lunch on Sunday and it was good--definitely a step above regular museum food--but not great. Portions are just right, I'd say. My cod was about 6 oz. and was properly seared. The broth was a little watery, though. My friend's lobster salad had a good portion of lobster in it, although the rest of the dish looked like it was almost all lettuce. We also split some brussel sprouts and bacon (an OK, too lightly seasoned version) and finished with the pumpkin and chocolate cake, which was quite good (not so much the ice cream on the side). We were able to linger, and the servers/managers were very concerned to make sure we were having a good time.

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      Where in the museum is the restaurant?

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        According to the link below, it's on the ground floor "most recently a generic cafeteria with brown carpeting" - looks a lot different now.

        And thanks, Lucia, for sharing your take!