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Dec 17, 2009 05:27 PM

Cozy booth lunch spot in Harvard, Porter, or Davis Sq?

My friend and I are in desperate need of a long lunch/catch-up session post-Christmas after months of not being able to arrange our schedules and sit still in the same place....looking for a comfy lunch spot...a booth you can sink into and talk and talk with decent food.

Any recs?

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  1. I'm kind of in the same dilema, although my plans are for next week. At the moment, I'm considering the Red House with a table by the fire in the small bar area. For Davis Square maybe that Italian place. The name escapes me, Sabara? They had some pretty decent arancini and I've been meaning to go back and try a meal. Maybe someone else will help us out with some suggestions.

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      In Harvard Square, maybe Grafton St.?I was only there once, can't remember for sure if they have booths.

      Pegmeister I think you are thinking of Sagra in Davis?

      1. re: pemma

        Sagra that's the place. I've only been once, but I really enjoyed the arancini. Sat at the bar, the staff was really social, and always thought I would go back. Grafton St is good, but they get crowded and I don't find it a comfortable place to linger.

    2. They've got booths at West Side Lounge but not sure of their lunch schedule. I know they serve brunch on Sun. Christopher's can be kind of cozy. I know it's not everyone's fave but Orleans in Davis Sq. can be okay. Doesn't Redbones have booths?

      1. How about Zoe's, that breakfast/brunch/lunch spot on Mass Ave, downstairs near Tajine?

        1. A few places that might work include Orleans in Davis Square, Christopher's in Porter Square, Cambridge Common between Harvard and Porter, and Joe Sent me in North Cambridge.

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            Now I know for sure people don't read my posts, ha ha.

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              Some other thoughts: The West Side has booths. And doesn't Redbones as well? ;-)

          2. I'm not sure if Sandrine's has booths, but on such a cold day, I am having thoughts of that leisurely lunch at the continental French restaurant in NYC portrayed in the French Connection, with the conspiratorial lunch conversation...