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Dec 17, 2009 04:17 PM

Best tamales in OC?

I've made my own tamales for 20 years, but can't this year, due to family problems. Where is the best place to buy tamales so I won't disappoint my family on Christmas morning? Preferably close to Tustin/Santa Ana. Thanks in advance!

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  1. While El Farolito in Placentia is a CH favourite, I'd avoid the tamales there...too much masa. Have you considered Costco? I believe they carry some during the season.

    1. El Toro Carniceria-Meat Shop was recommended to me for a party I was having a couple months ago. All of the food was tasty, including the tamales and very reasonable. I have never seen a place that busy either. If you go, good luck parking-it's a zoo.
      1340 W 1st St
      Santa Ana, CA 92703

      1. Some Trader Joe's carry Corn Maiden tamales, frozen; I believe I've seen them at the Irvine Gelson's, too.

        1. Just in Whole Foods this morning, their prepared food counter had a half dozen or so different types of tamales.

          1. You might want to try La Perla del Amazona at the Santa Ana Zoo. No joke. You don't have to enter the zoo to patronize the restaurant, but excellent tacos and tamales at the zoo can't be beat. I was there two days ago and they had a sign up advertising their tamales by the dozen.