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Dec 17, 2009 04:05 PM

Help from Chocolate Connoissuers (especially Dark Chocolate)

Looking for a gift for a Dark Chocolate lover. I usually just end up at Godiva because I don't know anything about chocolate. Anyone have any other suggestions?

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  1. I think Godiva is highly over-rated for the most part. My fave chocolate shop is Leonidas (the two locations I know and like best are in Yorkville in the underground across from Holt Renfrew and at the Loblaws at St. Clair and Bathurst). They have some very nice dark chocolate selections.

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      I agree absolutely 100% !!! Leonidas is far better than Godiva. For me, Leonidas and Bernard Callebaut are the best.

    2. OMG, Soma for sure. Pretty much anything from there is amazing. Talk to the staff to help you pick.

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        I have to agree with Jo.

        Now, calling me a connoisseur is sorta like calling a heroin addict a medication connoisseur so take that with a grain of salt.


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          Soma is good in quality but if you want a wide selection of chocolates, I think Leonidas is a better bet. I haven't been to Soma in a while but last time I was there, the selection was mainly focused on different country's chocolate----not "chocolates" (i.e. chocolate with nuts, fruit, etc rather than pure chocolate and only chocolate). There were some chocolates but not many, and definitely not many where dark chocolate was the base.

        2. Godiva is way overpriced. Try looking online.

          1. Don't go Godiva, don't go Leonidas. Both are just places that get chocolate and cover something in it. You can't beat Soma, you just can't, the problem is price. McEwan's carries some Galler chocolates which are incredible. Just don't go to one of those retail "chocolate" shops, they are always terrible. In my quiet opinion.........