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Dec 17, 2009 03:04 PM

Looking for a restaurant for a wedding reception that has a spot for dancing, has anyone been to one?

Hi -
I am looking for a place to have a wedding reception for about 75 people. I would like to have it at a restaurant in Boston and I want the restaurant to include a spot where there can be a DJ and dancing as well as great food. Has anyone been to a reception at a restaurant function space that had a nice spot for a dance floor? I am hoping to stay away from the traditional hotel venues and from places that are outrageously expensive. Thanks!

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  1. Hmmm.. if I had to go at this, I'd say

    1) Perhaps an Irish pub.. most have a danceable floor.... but they tend not to be well lit. Or something like Lucky's - a club with decent food that has a dance floor.. you'll have to rent the whole place out, IMHO.. you want a Sat wedding?

    2) Define great food.. Chicken Kiev or Dover Sole? A restaurant may not be built to plate and serve 75 dishes at once - hotels and convention halls live for that.... so be careful trying to be too much a foodie here..

    3) In Boston, in Greater Boston, or anywhere from the North Shore down to Providence - how far are you willing to drive? In fact, where's the ceremony?

    1. A girlfriend of mine recently had her wedding at Church in Boston (the restaurant/bar) and it was really nice!