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Dec 17, 2009 03:00 PM

late night eats in el paso, tx?

our plane lands that 11:00pm (hopefully!) - any good places that are open late?

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  1. Ususally when I fly into El Paso that late, I head over to Taco Cabana first thing. There is one right off of 10 heading downtown. Its not fine dining by any means, but the tortillas are made in house, its inexpensive, and they have a wonderful, fresh salsa bar.
    I usually get the steak fajita tacos which come with chips and chile con queso. I add some of the green salsa to the queso, and then I use all the different salsa's + lime on the tacos. Delish!

    If you are really adventurous you could hit up Chico's Tacos, which is a favorite to El Pasoens, but its the kind of place that you either loooove or HATE. I happen to fall into the loooove category, but fine dining it is not... most people would debate whether its even to be considered "good". Its known for rolled tacos, floating in a mystery tomato/watery concoction and topped with mounds of fine shredded cheese product. Dump in a few salsas, and add a side of fries and I am in heaven. But I am not fooled to think its something everyone likes. That being said it is an El Paso landmark, and worth the try if your adventurous.

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    1. re: ma_bell_deve

      Thanks for the recommendations - exactly the kind of thing i was looking for!
      one qu. have you heard of taco tote? i heard its a chain in el paso, but that its goos.
      how does it compare to taco cabana and chico's?
      is there one near the airport?

      1. re: monab

        Yes, Ive been to El Taco Tote, but it wasnt my favorite. I much prefer Taco Cabana! There's just something about the fresh salsa bar, and the crispiness of their chips that I looooove. Happy eating!