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favorite cozy snowstorm food

Care to share your favorite foods that you turn to when you're in for a good snowstorm on the horizon?

We don't get much snow here in Baltimore so I want to make the most of our anticipated cozy snow day!

I've got fixin's for spaghetti pie, grilled cheese and tomato soup, pancakes, and sour patch kids - one never knows what we might be craving :)

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  1. I'd recommend leaving the sour patch kids out of the dinner menu; but to each his own. :>)
    A Cheesy Tomato soup, served in large mugs with some crusty bread might be nice.

    1. If I stay home pancakes ,ham ,bacon,etc and eggs. Coffee or cocoa ????? Coffee first then go out shovel and come in to the large breakfast.and cocoa.

      1. Pea soup or 15 bean as kibg as there's a ham hock involved.

        1. A cold and snowy day demands something simmering in a big pot on the stove top so I'll be picking up the rest of the chili fixins tomorrow. I guess the Baltimore milk/toilet paper rush will start tomorrow too. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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            Same here.

            We get very little snow here, so each little flurry prompts a "sky is falling" panic in this town: schools close down etc.

            In the past, we end up gravitating towards chili (ours is vegetarian), or something equally hearty from India that I don't have the craving for most other times of the year: e.g. bisi bele (rice + lentils + veggies + tancy spices).

            West African peanut stew with roasted veggies on the side is another goody.

          2. Navy Bean Soup, Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes
            Baked Ziti
            Hot Chocolate with Baileys and Whipped Cream
            Oatmeal with Raisins, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Brown Sugar, and a splash of half-and-half ; it's heaven in a bowl.
            Waffles and Sausage Patties
            Hot Tea - Lots of it.

            1. When the kids were little, and the forecast looked like a snow day, I'd stock up on the ingredients for an Italian Torta Rustica: complex, but easy, and the kids loved to help build it. Delicious, too.

              1. Grilled cheese sandwiches. Hot chocolate with marshmallows. Oatmeal with cream and brown sugar. Pita bread stuffed with banana, peanut butter and honey and baked in the oven. :)

                1. thick beef stew or mushroom barley soup - a big pot, simmering on the stove for hours. yum!

                    1. coq au vin, wild rice soup, pot roast, porchetta
                      tea, cocoa, hot apple cider
                      whiskey-maple caramel french toast
                      a baked potato or hand-pie slipped into a coat pocket
                      mug of split peas and just baked bread after shoveling
                      buttered popcorn and roast tree nuts, hearth and fire.

                      1. when we go to our friend's house in lake arrowhead, i generally make any of the following:

                        Big Pot of Chili
                        Macaroni and Cheese
                        Fried Chicken
                        Navy Bean Soup with crusty bread
                        Tuna Noodle Casserole
                        Salmon Croquettes and Mashed Potatoes
                        Cheese Blintzes
                        Overnight French Toast Casserole
                        French Apple Pie

                        ...seems like the cold brings out the need for classic comfort foods among my bunch...

                        1. not a food but a drink: homemade eggnog with bourbon, and lots of freshly ground nutmeg and whipped cream.

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                              It's phenom. I use the Alton Brown recipe. Try it!

                          1. Fondue! From a box! Yeah I said it... :)

                            1. Cream dried beef on toast.

                              1. I make stock on snowy days. Oxtail stock makes the house smell good all day. Then I make "French Onion Soup" with plenty of cheese (yeah, I know, "French Onion Soup" is a cheesy, old-fashioned idea but we love it!).

                                We stick cloves into orange slices and make bourbon-based hot toddies (with a little Tuaca liqueur added in).

                                Pea, bean or lentil soup. Lentil soup with cabbage - mmm!

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                                  French onion soup sounds incredible!

                                2. Fondue
                                  Beef stew with dumplings
                                  French onion soup

                                  1. Chili
                                    Split Pea/Lentil or Bean Soup
                                    Hot Chocolate w/ Whipped Cream
                                    Fresh out of the oven Chocolate Chip Cookies

                                    1. I like me some thick clam chowder and crusty bread on a snow day...

                                      1. First off, you need to develop a proper faux siege mentality.

                                        Now that you're centered, consider breakfast. It should have warm and comforting components like homemade biscuits/muffins, your favorite style of eggs, your favorite breakfast meats, fresh-squeezed juice; and a decent sparkling wine/champagne.

                                        Nasty weather always calls for some kind of braise. I like short ribs braised in red wine. Pair your short ribs with a creamy gorgonzola polenta. Root vegetables on the side complete the meal. A bold Italian wine goes without saying.

                                        Dessert should be richer than the Sultan of Brunei. Pair it with espresso and a good grappa.

                                        Bad weather, real or imagined, is a great excuse for serious self-indulgence. Don't let the opportunity pass.

                                        1. When we were stuck home during an epic ice storm last winter, I made Chocolate Stout Cake cupcakes because I HAD to bake something, and I had all of the ingredients. It is my go-to snowstorm recipe, my default birthday cake, and it's going to be my Christmas Eve trifle with some raspberry preserves and cream cheese fluff. Makes a fine Bundt cake, too; drizzle with ganache.