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Dec 17, 2009 01:12 PM

Jas Jas Jas [Cheadle, nr Manchester]

Just discovered this place in Cheadle, its a small family run Lebanese deli / cafe / take-out.

They do a variety of Lebanese / Middle Eastern dishes, both hot, cold, meat and veg. Lamb and Chicken Sharmwa, Lemon Chilli Chicken, Houmous, Feta Salad, Tabouleh, Shanklish.

We often just get a 50:50 box, which is a polystyrene container filled half with whatever meat based dishes he has on that day and half with whatever vegi dishes. And its all very delicious, one of my co-workers who is Albanian, rates it highly and say its like his Mum would cook at home, which in my mind is high praise indeed.

Their belly pork is amazing too, but not being a Lebanese expert I wonder how authentic that is???

Today I had a 'Chefs Special Wrap' which was a bit of everything thrown in

It's tasty and cheap, recommended. They have a website too

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  1. I'd say the belly pork is absolutely NOT authentic (pork is not common in Lebanese cooking, even amongst the non-Muslim population). Seems like a pretty standard slow roast belly but, as you say, amazingly good taste.

    I regularly buy olives, hummus and so on from them but have only had a lunchbox once. I'd walked up to the village in the summer and gone in at lunchtime and the smell just made me hungry. Got the belly pork, the spicy rice and some salad and whizzed over to one of the benches in ther churchyard to scoff it.