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Dec 17, 2009 12:35 PM

Help me gather provisions in SouthPark?

(First, if it should have been two words, I'm sorry.)

Regardless, we will be visiting Charlotte and are looking to find the places where we can procure the finest provisions in the SouthPark area. Basically, on the drive back, we will be stopping in some vanilla, chain hotel - who's to say how far we'll get? Thus, a cooler full of good wine, cheese, salume, etc. (pretty clever for a Yankee, huh?) For example, I have an $11 can of Spanish tuna (whose label I cannot read) ready to be a part of the feast. I suppose that I am looking to create the ultimate indulgent picnic to provide a counterpoint to the flavorless room we wind up in.

So the question I pose to my fellow food geeks - Where should I shop in this part of town?

Oh, and lest I forget the foundation upon which the success of this plan will rise and fall - Where do I get the best, "baked on premises that morning" bread?

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  1. SouthPark isn't my area of expertise in the Queen City, but there is a Dean and Deluca there, in Phillips Place, I think.

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      My free time will be limited, but if you point me in the direction of another part of town where I can find the super, mac-daddy, house-cured saucisson, etc., I may devise a scheme to go "get some smokes" that take an inordinately long time . . .

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        I've heard good things about this place, but its not near SouthPark. Might be on your way home, depending on your route...

    2. South Park area has the Taj ma Teeter, it is a flagship Harris Teeter, plenty of olives, wine, cheese & salume (if, you will) on Colony & Sharon.. The wine dept has over 2000 wines.

      Dean & Deluca on Fairview and half of a mile up from Fairview & Sharon

      Pasta and Provisions is an Italian market, worth a visit. specializes in fresh pasta and sauces.

      Wine Stores in South Park within 1 mile of each other.
      The Winestore
      The Wine Shop at Foxcroft
      Arthur's in Belk at South Park mall, (the oldest wine store in CLT
      )Dean & Deluca Wine room separate from the grocery store
      Harris Teeter

      also within this mile there is Sur la Table in the mall, William Sonoma across the street from the mall. Finding a spot for fancy smancy products is not a problem.

      And the hotels around South Park are great. Especially if you are staying at the Courtyard or Residence or Renaissance - they are all nice hotels with the comfy Marriott beds. Not too shabby. If you want to splurge, I saw a $199 special at the Ritz.

      Have a fun trip!

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      1. re: waitress

        Thanks - looks like we will certainly be drinking well!

        Unfortunately, the hotel stay will likely be someplace well north - weary travellers too tired to press on retiring to lodgings close to the highway.

      2. Rooster's restaurant in South Park has house cured meats, he is not a retail outlet, but I am sure you could buy some food from him.

        1. There is an Earth Fare in South Park, which is an organic/natural foods grocery store out of Asheville NC.

          They have some great produce and fruit, a large cheese shop, interesting wines, an olive bar, and really good meat selections. The do have fresh bread also. There is also a salad bar and prepared foods cafe.

          If you are in South Park looking for provisions, I think this place is a must.

          1. Not long ago (15 years?) it was always one word. Like NationsBank. An 80's holdover. If you're heading north, carolinadawg's rec of Ferrucci's is a good one. Off exit 28 on 77. Otherwise, everyone seems to have steered you in the right direction. I'll add Portofino on Park Road, not far from South Park. Great Italian salads, sandwiches, antipasto.