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Dec 17, 2009 11:43 AM

carlos and gabbys opening in Elizabeth NJ

Thats the rumor, can anyone confirm?

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  1. Seems like a very odd location to open up. Though it would be great for me! Elizabeth is not really a hot bed of kosher food stuff.

    1. That would be great! It would make exit 13 an even stronger kosher stop along the Turnpike.

      1. My husband and his business partners are actually opening this restaurant.. It will be a tex mex style restaurant called 'Tacos'N'Things' opening early 2010...

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        1. re: marissaj

          So this will not be affiliated with Carlos and Gabby's, then?

          1. re: GilaB

            No. I do not think Carlos and Gabbis is opening there.

            1. re: marissaj

              As a side note, I hear there's a Carlos and Gabby's opening in Riverdale. Anyone know if there's any truth to that? If so, when do they plan to open?

              1. re: tamarw

                The rumors I'm hearing say that they're going to be opening in the old Dumplings place (at the front of the Skyview shopping center, near Judean Hills, DD/Baskin Robbins, Gruenbaum's and the deli). Not sure if that's the case, but there has been work going on in that storefront.

                1. re: masteraleph

                  Yeah, I heard that too. Just hoping there's an ETA... never tried Carlos and Gabby's yet.

                2. re: tamarw

                  yes, it is true. slated to open in about one month

            2. re: marissaj

              are you opening on Elmora Ave near the Jewish Educational Center or in the stirp maill next to Dunkin Donuts on Elmora Ave? Community is very excited to have a new restaurant.

              1. re: Maizy

                Actually neither... It will be near the pizza store on the other side of the road near Las Americas Bakery.
       for those that are interested...

                or if twitter is more your thing:

                1. re: marissaj

                  FYI, when i was in JEC for high school, lunch period was from 12:45-1:20pm. the extra walking will really cut into that time.

                  1. re: kiddush hopper

                    yes.. its unfortunate that when we were looking there were not many available rentals at that time- although now there are more....

                  2. re: marissaj

                    The link to the website just gets me to a blank page. Do you know if the website is up yet? thanks very much, p.j. .

                    1. re: p.j.

                      the website is in the final stages..... if u have FB there is also a FB group for more info.

                2. re: marissaj

                  marissaj - I wish you all the best with your new venture.

                  after eating kosher "Mexican" at Dougie's, Smokey Joe's, and Carlos & Gabby's, may I offer a few suggestions on getting it right;

                  1. Prepare the food to order - we don't mind waiting for fresh food, not quick serve premade reheat/fry over cooked food.

                  2. Try to get the Vaad to allow you to simulate dairy elements to your dishes, such as Vegan cheeses and creams.

                  3. Make "heat" an available option - kosher mexican is far too sweet & sour, and kosher palettes are not afraid of spice.

                  1. re: Joe Berger

                    Heat shouldn't be an option, heat should be the default with non-hot as the option. The dishes should be as close to authentic as possible.

                    If someone comes in and asks for something not spicy I can understand accommodating them. But if someone comes in and doesn't specify heat then the dish should be authentically spiced.

                    1. re: avitrek

                      avitrek gave me a good idea for you;
                      to call a dish "authentically spiced".

                      but as an option, not by default.
                      unfortunately kosher observant consumers are already conditioned
                      not to expect heat and spices from their Thai, Indian, or Mexican food.
                      offering it properly spiced, with "mild" as an option, may not be practical.

                      1. re: Joe Berger

                        It's not practical to have a spicy dish on the menu and have a customer ask for it mildly spiced.

                        Easier to add spice/heat than take it away..

                        1. re: cheesecake17

                          I'm assuming everything is made to order so you're always adding. Even if they have bigger batches of premade items back in the kitchen, I don't mind too much if that batch is not spicy and spices are added per order. My point is the default behavior should be to add spice with customers needing to ask to not have spice added.