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Prime Rib

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Should I take the beef out of the wrap and salt it the night before roasting? I've done it with steak and with the turkey and both came out great. Does this make sense? Thank you?

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  1. Yes. Make a kosher salt rub with black pepper, cracked coriander seed and herbs of choice (thyme is great with beef,) rub it on the roast and let it develop a nice crust over night. No need to cover it in the fridge.

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        Thank you! I hadn't thought of coriander seed. One more thing....do I bring it to room temperature before roasting, like I do tureky?

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          yes--it will cook more evenly. I'm doing a rib roast as well for Christmas--my mouth is watering already.

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            Double yes. Roast it by temp, with a thermometer, not by weight, you'll get more accurate results.

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              Could I ask what else you are serving with it?

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                well--we have a pretty carb heavy, unbalanced eclectic menu that we indulge ourselves with. Popovers or Yorkshire pudding (using the fat from the roast), potato latkes w/sour cream, my sister's homeade creamed corn, my mom's potato& cheese peirogis and a token green vegetable (probably haricot vert). We have shrimp cocktail as an appetizer. sorry you asked? I think traditionaly you could serve mashed or baked potatoes and maybe creamed spinach. The yorkshire pudding or popovers turn out great though and are very impressive.

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                  Oh, peirogis! I haven't had homemade peirogis since I was a teenager. Our beloved housekeeper made them for us. I remember watching her make the dough and mashing the potatoes. They were so incredible and so was she. Have a very Merry Christmas.