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Dec 17, 2009 10:47 AM

Silpat sheets in NYC?

I'm looking to buy silpat sheets (the small size that will fit on cookie sheets), and I assume there must be some place to get them that's cheaper than William Sonoma or Sur La Table. Any suggestions in Manhattan? Preferably downtown -- I live and work near Chinatown. Thanks!

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    1. Broadway Panhandler ought to have them

      1. I think I saw them upstairs at Zabar's. I may have seen them at Bowery Kitchen Supplies in Chelsea Market, but that may just be a halucination. :)

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          Order Matfer Exopats online.. same stuff, much cheaper.. get a Roul'Pat while you are at it..

        2. Try Chef Restaurant Supply or Bowery Restaurant Supply. Chef is on Bowery and Houston and Bowery is a couple of block south of them. Those are the best and cheapest.

          There is also a Sur La Table on Prince between Broadway and Lafayette