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Best price for nuts?

I like to make a few batches of sugared or spiced nuts this time of year and am looking for good prices on nuts, specifically pecans. Saw them at Shaws for $10 a pound last night, and couldn't bring myself to put them in my basket since I wanted 3 or 4 pounds. Any tips for a better price?

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          Be careful.....I got a ton of nuts last year at Sevan and they were all rancid! I had bought them to make a trail mix to bring on a long international flight...found out during the flight that they were bad. I was shocked...everything else there is usually so fresh and wonderful. When I returned from my trip I talked to them about it and the owner (woman) refused to believe me. I shop there alot and was surprised at her response...she wouldn't do anything at all. I let it go and still go there for my etch/baba/hummous/grape leaves fixes, as well as for their wonderful desserts. I just won't buy nuts there anymore. At least at TJs, I get great nuts and I know they'll happily take anything back that is bad (or that I just don't like, for that matter!).

          1. re: Science Chick

            That is really unfortunate and disappointing.

            I have to say, I am really careful about buying nuts. Walnuts and pine nuts in particular go bad so easily.

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              Yeah.....imagine my disappointment in the middle of the 12 hour flight to Tel Aviv when I pulled that snack bag out! I think it was almonds and peanuts.....lesson learned!

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                How can you tell nuts are rancid? Do they taste/smell terribly? I've bought nuts from there before and they seemed OK...

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                  It's pretty unmistakable, so count yourself lucky. They simply smell/taste like rancid/old oil. I think it takes alot for them to actually start smelling, but you can certainly taste it when they go off. You would know that some tasted weird/off if you got some.

                  I'm sure that Sevan's nuts are usually quite fresh, they probably do alot of sales and get decent turnover...I certainly don't want to badmouth them. I just got unlucky once. It was their unwillingness to reconcile the matter that left a far worse taste in my mouth!

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                    I think Sevan's turnover is pretty high, and their customers buy nuts regularly, so that really is a shame. Do you think it has anything to do with the fact that their display of them is open, rather than the nuts being sealed in a package, like they would be at TJ and other places?

        2. I'd go with Trader Joe's. I've never gotten stale or rancid nuts there unlike at some smaller markets where there's less turnover.

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              third trader joe's.

              almonds about $4.99, walnuts i think $3.99 and pistachios and cashews about $6.99. whole or pieces. peanuts, sunflower seeds dirt cheap.

              i also store them in the freezer to prevent them going off.

            2. re: Parsnipity

              I actually have gotten stale nuts at TJ's, but they were gracious about exchanging them, as they normally are about most things

            3. I second Costco. I got big bags of walnuts and pecan halves there last month. They tasted fresh. Forget what I paid, definitely less than $10, probably less than $5/lb.

              1. Superior Nut on MacGrath Obrien , Cambridge Somerville line.
                Call ahead, this time of year the retail items are heavy on the salted cocktail stuff, roasted on site every day, never a rancid piece. They supply hotels, bakeries and restaurants as well as retailers.

                1. I buy a ton of pecan halves at BJ's every year for $9.99/2 lb. No problem with rancidity. Walnuts are less expensive.

                  1. I'll second the many votes for BJ's and Trader Joe's, both of which are my standard go-tos for all kinds of nuts.

                    I'll also second the recommendation to store nuts in the freezer. All of my nuts and dried fruits live there to keep them from going off and they stay good just about forever - or at least till they're all used up!

                    1. Russo's in Watertown has the freshest nut selection and very good prices. I too wish pecans were not so expensive. Trader Joes also has great prices on nuts, especially pistachio nuts.

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                        What about the macadamias??? ;O Sorry...couldn't resist..

                      2. Pecan prices are high this year. Blame weather and believe it or not, China. http://www.nffonline.com/news.php

                        1. Best prices for any nuts is Ocean State ($3.50 a lb for fresh big walnut halves last week) m or TRADER JOE'S 4.50 OR 5.99 ORGANIC. wALNUTS HAVE O BE REALLY OLD OR HANDLED IMPROPERLY TO BE RANCID. Bakery I worked in used to freeze them. Also great nut products at any of the Middle Eastern shops on Mt. Auburn Street in Watertown..Arax cheapest. Make a morning of it , a GREAT culinary experience!