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Dec 17, 2009 09:46 AM

Who has the best crab preparation?

With crab season upon us, who does it best?

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  1. Tadich Grill (SF) has a very good crab cioppino.

    There was a recent thread on the crab dishes at the R&G Lounge (SF):

    1. Haven't been in awhile but Yuet Lee has a good prep. Also might try Duarte's for cioppino in Pescadero. Other then that, crabs are so easy to steam I just do that...and they're cheap right now (between $3-4 /lb).

      1. Anchor Oyster Bar does a phenomenal crab cake, but I believe that crab is from Maryland (they do however offer cracked local dungeness crab when in season and while I haven't had it, I have no reason to believe it'd be anything less than stellar there).

        1. Best prep is no prep other than cooking, cracking and eating with a dip, either butter, mayo, louie some lemon, sourdough and a nice white wine. Try Swan, Anchor, Tadich or Sam's

            1. re: OldTimer

              Is that what they have to do to those scrawny Chesapeake Bay blues to make them taste good?

              1. re: wolfe

                Or add old bay seasoning. I was once hanging with some friends, including some East Coasters, and someone pulled out some old bay and there was a friendly ruckus. The good old internet solved the seasoing for Dungeness crab. Good crab is like a good steak, if it's really good it doesn't need anything.

                1. re: wolfe

                  Having grown up on the Chesapeake, I can assure you those crabs aren't "scrawny"...they will tear a Dungeness to pieces, after they have torn off your finger. I love Dungeness, and agree blue crab is just too much trouble. We often have Dungeness a la Norfolk. It has a certain "purity" to it. Still hard to beat crab, mayo, sour bread and Chardonnay.