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Dec 17, 2009 09:43 AM

Friday Evening Dinner Advice. Monmouth County

We have some out of town guest visting us this Friday and can't decide on which to take them.

Current options.
Trinity. Love everything about it, but concerned about the atmoshpere. We went on a week night in the middle of the summer and were the only dinners in the place. Little empty feeling.

Stella Marina. Probabley the best atmoshpere out of all the places of type of place we are looking for.

Bluewater Seafood Company. Been hit or miss with my meals here.

Sam Vera. Perhaps a little stuffy/romantic for a 30's something dinner and drinks.

Which would you choose. Thanks

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  1. SLM133 - For 30 somethings, I would choose Stella with preprandial drinks at Watermark. Another option is my "go to" restaurant, Belford Bistro. Good Luck.

    1. Though I have no relationship with the restaurant other than a love of food that I share with ChefMD, I have little hope that this post will stay long . . .

      Regardless, the food at Trinity is significantly better than any of the other choices. And, I'm pretty sure that the atmosphere won't be "church-like" on a friday night.

      1. If you're willing to consider other options, I'd throw in Shipwreck Grille.

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          YES, jsfein! I love Shipwreck. Never has the place been off, foodwise or sevice.

        2. Trinity. No matter where I end up going for dinner, if not Trinity, I always seem to end up wishing I had gone there instead most times.