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Dec 17, 2009 09:09 AM

Pizzeria Paradiso G'town never again. Now what?

I'm going to re-post this since my post earlier this morning was too much about service and not about the food, and it was removed. I have eaten at Pizzeria Paradiso many times. I have found the service to be both surly, and the pizzas very dry. I put up with this since there are very few pizza choices in Georgetown. Last night was the final straw when they wouldn't seat my husband in a nearly empty restaurant because I was a few minutes behind him ( I was literally next door making a purchase, but this did not matter to them). When he was seated, it was at an awkward table next to a bus stand. There was only one other table seated in the entire restaurant. Then he was ignored. So we left. Where do I go for pizza in Georgetown? I love pizza before a movie....

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  1. I thought the post was fine. After food, I consider service to be second in consideration of a place (ambiance a distant fourth, price being third). I think most places that go south do so b/c of either food or service.

    Would you consider seeing movies elsewhere and then being open to more pizza places that way?

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      I concur. I used to get good pizza's there but my recent visits were disapppointing (bland). Additionally, the waiter never checked on us or offered to refill our drinks.

      1. re: ciaoda

        The Atomica at PP is a good antidote to bland pizza syndrome. One of the area's finest pizzas.