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Mar 11, 2005 09:44 PM

Formerly Known as Rosen Brewery

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does anyone know anything about the bar/restaurant at

400 S Western Ave Los Angeles CA 90020 (213) 388-0061

formerly known as Rosen Brewery? I've heard it's now called Luna something.

what does it serve? what is the atmosphere like?


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  1. Gee, you have the address and phone number and can't even figure out what their name is? If I were interested, I'd use that number and ask.

    Just call me old-fashioned.

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    1. re: TE

      no one picked up when i last called.

      1. re: bigpig gives the name as plain old "Luna." (Maybe discouraging ratings, too -- three tests in the last year have yielded scores of 82, 78, 83.) The phone number is the same one that Rosen used to have so maybe it's the same place under a new name, but who knows?

        Oddly, almost the only reference to this place (under the name Luna) I could find via Google is on a Cyrillic-alphabet website (possibly in Mongolian rather than Russian since Babelfish couldn't make any sense of it), for what turns out to be a "Mongolian boy band" (?!) called Camerton, which (as best I can decipher/guess) seems to have played there in December.

        Man, between the Mongolian boy band in Koreatown, and Jerome introducing me to the wonders of cordyceps on the General board, this has been quite an informative evening. :-)

        1. re: PayOrPlay

          thanks all, for the replies. very helpful. i'll just drop by one day, try it out, and post a review.

    2. Just checked into the liquor license and Mike Rim is still showing as the owner as he has since around 2000. On via Google Local)it indicated that the Brewery has been closed since around November of last year, and that a sign outside indicated that it was being remodeled and was to be called Luna Cafe. The phone number is still listed in the name of Rosen Brewery. Whether or not they have reopened I do not know, but their liquor license is a brew pub-type license, and thus they cannot start serving vodka, scotch, etc. without a change of licensing, and no posting is shown on the abc web site.
      That is all I know!

      1. t

        if you've already been to rosen, then it'll probably taste the same, but with a whole new face. ktown joints seem to do that - remodel a LOT - bars, clubs, restaurants. the owner is the same, the food (if a restaurant) stays the same, but a new name and new face. i think it's just a korean thing to always be fresh.

        not saying it's bad, though. just an observation that's interesting.

        1. I haven't been to Luna/Rosen in a while, and I visited last week. On a Wednesday, from 6:15 to 7:45, I was the only one there. A group of 8 walked in as I was leaving. A bartender came and poured me a beer and walked away - no effort at conversation. I'm not xenophobic, but it was difficult to have a conversation because I did not speak

          I was able to find out a few things from the staff:
          - Mike Rim is still the owner
          - It gets busy on the weekends, but it is slow otherwise.
          - They do still brew their own beer, albeit not nearly as often as busy brewpubs
          - Liquor sales are much, much higher than beer sales. Also, you can buy a bottle of whisky - "30 table shots" - for $130, and leave it on the table.
          - I asked if Robert Luna was the owner or chef, but no one knew what I was talking about.
          - Half of the signage still says Rosen, and the other half Luna

          Overall, not a good experience due to the communication issue and emptiness of the place. Too bad - we need more great brewery restaurants.

          1. fusion-y food gone wrong. they serve many korean dishes with a "fusion" twist which tasted just odd to me and like they were trying too hard (adding cheese, ketchup, a1 to everything).