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Dec 17, 2009 08:13 AM

Best Berry Pie?

need to bring one to christmas dinner...want it fresh, delicious and sweet, but not too sweet!!!!

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  1. The berry pies at Knott's berry farm are good and and aren't too sweet. Personally I like Marie Callender's, but they are a bit on the sweet side.

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    1. re: parker394

      I used to go out of my way for their apple pie but, have found that it's slipped since Knott's was bought out.

    2. If you don't mind a drive, Polly's Pies makes a great Marionberry pie-not sure where the closest location is, but from, say, Hollywood, your looking at a thirty to forty-five minte drive. Grab some Backburner soup while your at it.

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      1. re: schrutefarms

        You want a drive? I'll give you a drive: Go to Mommie Helen's Bakery in Colton for their five-berry cobbler. I haven't had that one yet, but the pecan pie I picked up a couple of weeks ago after reading a story about the place in the Wall St. Journal was the sweetest, gooiest, nuttiest pie I've eaten in years -- delicious. (You need a subscription at the Journal Web site, but the story has been republished all over; for example: )

      2. I highly reccomend the nice woman who sells pies every Sunday at the Hollywood Farmer's Market . They are Fantastic! And she has a few berry varities

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        1. Mommie helens sounds perfect except that i live in the palisades...but i am going to get out there sometime soon to check her pies out.

          In the meantime, do you know the name of the pie seller at the hollywood farmers mkt as i think a 5 day old pie might be a little mushy..and maybe they sell at a mkt later in the week, closer to christmas day.

          my backup is the babalu berry pie/cobbler which i think is awesome tho a bit tart.

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          1. re: 1900Therese

            A great day trip for you would be Mommie Helens, then on to (possibly snowy) Oak Glen for apples, apple pies, cider, jelly, and jam in a great American setting. (See .) Sorry, but I can't help with the seller at the Hollywood FM.

          2. What about House of Pies? Their crust tends to be a bit more on the savory side, thus cutting the sweetness considerably.

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            1. re: schrutefarms

              where is house of pies
              i know about pie n burger in pasadena
              also what do you think of the bablu berry pie

              1. re: 1900Therese

                House of Pies is on the corner of Vermont/Franklin, I've never had a berry pie from there, but I can vouch for their apple. I'm not familier with bablu berry pie-what/where is it?

                1. re: schrutefarms

                  Babablu is a carribeanny restaurant in santa monica on montana at about 10th..the food is always good and the desserts are awesome