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Dec 17, 2009 07:30 AM

Recs for Tin Hau area Hong Kong

Will be staying in Tin Hau for 2 days next month. I know its not enough time to try everything Hong Kong has to offer. Am looking for some English friendly places since I cannot speak or read Chinese, but still want to get the Hong Kong experience. Any help would be much appreciated, I'll be staying on Wing Hing St. I know there are a ton of Hong Kong suggestions on here, so I am trying to keep this focused near my hotel and the Tin Hau area.


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  1. I'll be just East of Victoria Park, any suggestions would be very much appreciated.....Anybody?

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      Well, it's not easy to suggest when you don't give any criteria besides location. I definitely would suggest Sister Wah for their beef brisket noodles (


      Alternatively you can use the English Openrice (like Yelp in the US) to find exactly what you want:

      1. re: big_apple_ken

        My criteria are location and that I can get by with only speaking/reading English. I'm an adventurous eater and will try anything. Price is not really an issue but I probably won't be doing much fine dining. I'm trying to experience the different things I can get in Hong Kong so want to avoid the English style pubs and things similar that I can get over here. Was only looking around my hotel for something that I can get when I'm not out and about seeing the rest of Hong Kong. I know there are plenty of other boards that covered all the main tourist areas and I've got plenty of ideas there, but saw nothing for anything near Tin Hau MTR station.

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          Causeway Bay is within walking distance from Tin Hau and food choices in this district is mind boggling. Just the complex next to Times Square alone has all 11 floors all devoted to food!! Best way is to check out

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          We were at Sister Wah last week and the food was pretty bad. Broth was decent, but noodles were so-so and beef brisket was very tough and chewy. We should have known since you get a huge bowl of noodle soup for $25 HKD. Heard the place right next store that also specializes in clear soup beef brisket is better, though we didn't get to try it.

          You might want to try Tak Cheong Fish Ball Noodles on the same street. Fish balls are tasty but not as bouncy since they do not treat them with chemicals like they do elsewhere.