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Dec 17, 2009 06:50 AM

Hicksville, LI Indian

My favorite Indian restaurant in Hicksville is Kirin Palace, but I figured I'd see if I could branch out. I've eaten at Diwan (just the lunch buffet) and was not very impressed. Does anyone have any can't-miss suggestions?

Also, I just heard about "Chicken 65" (from the post on Southern Spice in Flushing). I'd love to try this dish. Does anyone know if any place around this area has it? Looks like (I think I saw it on a yelp search) Diwan has it as an appetizer.

BTW, I'm asking about Indian, but I'll also take hakka-style suggestions. My go to place for that is New Chili and Curry on Woodbury Road in Hicksville. Chili Chicken Hakka Style (dry, not wet) is just amazing.

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  1. Yeah, I love New Chili and Curry! The vegetable manchurian and chili paneer are both amazing!

      1. re: mcf

        Okay, you guys, finally got to New Chilli (sic) and Curry Restaurant tonight. It was freezing out, and the Spicy coriander soup was very spicy and hot and perfect for this weather. The server put it down in front of me and sing songed "you're going to get very spiiiiiceeeee! He expressed surprise that I finished it; it was right on the edge of painfully spicy, but not over the edge and I loved it. We had the Chili Chicken Hakka style which I ordered hot, but the server said he brought "medium plus." It was very good, also had fresh coriander, but was only spicy when we ate the seeds of the fresh chilis in it. Also had the tandoori mixed grill; very moist, some nice fresh herbs, but not a knockout. I loved the good humor and graciousness of the hosts and servers. Very warming meal on a very frigid night around here.

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          I also had an excellent meal at Chilii and Curry. One of the nice aspects to having to take my young son to birthday parties in areas of LI that I do not regularly frequent is the opportunity to try new chow. After a party in Plainview we ate at C&C and it was terrific. The samosa chatt was far spicier then the usual version and other then the fact it lacked the little crunchy things was very tasty. Tikka masala and spinach were also very spicy but were well rounded with a blend of many herbs and spices. The chili garlic noodles ordered spicy were indeed worthy of their status as a top dish as reported by Newsday. Portions were very large and prices were reasonable. The place is the ground floor of an old house and is very comfortable and cozy despite the small room. I couldn't agree more with "mcf'"s description of the staff and their attitude. We ordered our usual dishes because it was our first time there but look forward to exploring the menu in the future.

          New Chilli and Curry Restaurant
          106 Woodbury Rd, Hicksville, NY 11801

          1. re: stuartlafonda

            You must try the Bhindi masala (okra) and the appetizer of cauliflower; I don't know the name, he just insists on bringing it. If you like it HOT, ask for "Indian hot, not American hot" or 911. But I warn you, even this heat lover was almost overwhelmed by Indian hot the other night. We were just there again on Thursday night.

      2. our favorite in the area is house of dosas.

        it's 100% vegetarian too. unfortunately, now that we moved upstate, we haven't been there in quite a while.