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Dec 17, 2009 06:32 AM

Really good dinner spot in Berkeley?

I'm looking for a quiet-ish place to take my Mom for dinner for her birthday this Sunday. She's vegetarian, but others in the party eat meat. Any thoughts? I'm stumped! I've heard good things about Angeline's...what do you guys think?

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  1. I don't think Angeline's is great for vegetarians. Venus, nearby, seems like a much better choice to me. Delicious organic vegetables. The rest of the menu is pretty good, too. And it's been quiet when I've been there on Sunday.

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    1. re: Glencora

      Thanks. I've seen Venus and it looks like it has nice ambiance. I'll check out the menu online. Any other suggestions? Any neighborhood is fine.

      1. re: gidget1234

        This is a bit of a tough question, because there are a lot of choices. Do you have aany preferences about cuisine?

        1. re: redrover

          No first choice was PIzzaiolo, but they aren't open on Sunday. I'm open to trying something new.

    2. Vegetarian-friendly, really good, quiet-ish, and open Sundays .. that's a tough one.

      Fellini might be perfect. Super vegetarian-friendly.

      The back room at À Côté might work if that's not too far out of your way.

      1401 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Nice suggestion for Fellini - second that.

      2. Digs Bistro might work. They have a short menu that is by no means vegetarian but it does offer veggie options (in my very limited experience). Its quiet and open on Sunday. Its also quite small, with only one large table (for 8) in a separate room.

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        1. re: BernalKC

          I second the Digs Bistro suggestion. Very quiet, lovely atmosphere.

        2. i would suggest Rivoli or Corso.

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            I would take Corso off the list for "quietish." Otherwise, it is a good call.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                I had a great vegetarian lunch at Corso, but I see why it may not be ideal.

                What about trying Gather, which is about to open?

                1. re: milklady

                  A sign in Gather's window on Monday said they were going to open Tuesday. Pretty vegetarian-friendly:


                    1. re: milklady

                      5:27 Anna says they are open for business.

                      1. re: milklady

                        I meant Tuesday the day before yesterday. I was planning to eat there on Monday as Eater reported it had opened last week.

              2. As mentioned in another thread, Camino seems good for vegetarians, if you're willing to venture into Oakland. The long tables there are especially nice if you have a bigger group.


                3917 Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA 94610

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                1. re: abstractpoet

                  Camino's great but the menu's so short that a vegetarian has very little choice. Though the vegetarian dishes I've had there have been some of the best I've had anywhere.