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Dec 17, 2009 06:11 AM

Suggestions for New Years Eve

I'm looking for suggestions for dinner for 4-5 adults. Last year it was the Oceanaire Room, the year before Ruth's Chris. Unfortunately, wherever we go has to be more traditional fare, no Ethopian, Korean, Burmese, etc. Ideally we can find something next to the U street corridor. Cost isn't a big issue, but ideally less than $50 a head.

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  1. ...then cost certainly IS an issue since most nice places have special NYE menus that are fixed priced and most more than $50 a head and that's just the food. Would suggest getting on open table and search by the date and neighborhood and their web pages should state if they have limited menus that night and how much they are. Also if you try something less high end than those you mentioned above you might have better luck. Dupont and Adams Morgan have lots of choices like that; one that comes to mind is Little Fountain Cafe on 18th.

    1. Ben's Chili Bowl, then go out the night after and get twice as much for half the price!

      You might try Creme (don't know if I spelled it right) on U street, decent food last time I was there and not too expensive....Or Saint X on 14th....