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Dec 17, 2009 06:09 AM

RALEIGH: Tir na nOg Midweek Feast

This was mentioned by the N&O and I am so glad I saw it.

They seem to choose one item and do several rifts on it, offering up very generous portioned, tasty meals at a nice price.

We went last night and between the two of us tried all 6 varieties of meatloaf. The mushroom wasn't pretty but had a nice kick and was extremely good. The lamb and olive was delicious. All were tasty and it was fun to try so many interesting variations at once. Seems like a nice challenge for the chef too! The creamed corn was so good I had to drink the juice from my bowl....mmmmmmmmmm.

Atmosphere ok - basic bar but clean and bright enough at dinner. Service was pleasant and on top of things. They also had whiskey tastings which we didn't take advantage of.

$10 a plate with a chance to explore a concept worked for me. We'll do it again!

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  1. This Wed. is pot pie - including one with rabbit. Not sure I can make it, but hope someone else can report.

    I just really like this idea of offering such an interesting array of rifts on one concept!