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Dec 17, 2009 05:22 AM

Baked Brie

How do you do it? I bought a beautiful wedge and have some nice fig jam that I thought I would spread over it. Is it just a microwave thing...I am clueless!

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  1. Did you even look for some recipes? What kind of baked brie are you looking for? In puff or other pastry, or not?

    The microwave is useless for baking pastry.

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    1. re: Karl S

      yes, I looked at recipes and did a search on this board. The board had nothing and the recipes all seemed complicated. I do not want pastry. I was hoping someone could just reassure me, I could put it in the oven at xxx temp for xxx minutes.

      1. the problem with a wedge is that the ends not surrounded by rind will melt and ooze and make a mess. generally baked brie is a whole wheel, spread with a topping. it's extremely simple.

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        1. re: hotoynoodle

          What is OP cuts off the top of the wedge and spreads the fig jam on it. Then use crackers (or bread) as "rind" on the sides of the wedge to keep the cheese from melting all over the place. Then slowly microwave at 30 sec increments until melted enough?

          1. re: viperlush

            the cheese oozing will push the crackers. you need a whole wheel.

            if it's just for you? sure, nuke it and eat by scraping it off the plate, lol.

        2. You need a whole brie, any size. I slice off the white rind from one whole side, using a cheese plane. You can spread jam or honey on it. You can then just bake it, but I cover the top and sides with thawed frozen puff pastry and bake til the puff pastry is done.

          1. Yes, you can use the microwave if you aren't using a pastry crust. Just heat, then add topping, and serve. But hotoynoodle is right that typically a wheel is best because the exposed edges will ooze. However, when it is just family, we do that and scoop up the ooze with crackers. Still tastes fine.

            1. I've had no problems with wedges anyway store bought wrapped wheels also ooze. I wrap both wdges and wheels with cresent roll triangles or filo if I have any .I always watch the oven ........I've baked fruit and brie in small pie crust (store bought) with good results.jJust don't let the dough get too warm ,re chill if you need to.

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              1. re: scunge

                Or put the wedge into a dish like a ramekin. You will have to cut the wedge to assemble it in the dish. But it will look and taste after topping and baking.