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Dec 17, 2009 03:15 AM

Occasion worthy for small group of visitors (perhaps like Trio??)

We will be in Austin for the holidays and have decided to take the parents-who-have-everything for a nice dinner for their Christmas gift in lieu of more stuff.

Problem is that as non-locals we're not sure where to go for a great experience. We are looking for someplace with a slightly "grand" or occasion-worthy feel (can be old-world or contemporary styling). Great wine list. No particular likes/dislikes re: food although probably something continental-ish (not Japanese, so Uchi was already ruled out). Great service.

I'm not sold on the idea of dining in a hotel, but Trio seems to have the kind of feel that we're seeking. The last time we were celebrating we went to Picasso in Las Vegas, and while I recognize that Vegas and Austin are completely different places we'd like to kind of approximate that sort of experience.

Thanks in advance... Rab-bit!

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  1. Dining at Trio definitely has kind of a Vegas feel to it. To me, anyway. That may be your best bet if that's what you're going for.

    If you're looking for other ideas to research, I might suggest: Aquarelle (elegant French), Driskill Hotel (elegant/"grand", and also downtown), Fonda San Miguel (upscale interior Mexican)

    Good luck, and enjoy your stay in Austin

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      Thanks for this! What about Wink? We really like the look of the menu, and while it's clear that it's not as formal as Trio is it still an occasion-y spot?

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        I like the food at Wink, but the space is tiny and intimate. Definitely doesn't have a "grand" feel at all. Agree with jwynne that Trio is probably what you're after.

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          I can't speak to Wink, as I've never been before. There are at least a half dozen threads on this board covering Wink though, I'd guess. Run a search and see what you come up with.

      2. I haven't been, but the Mansion at Judge's hill came to mind. But it is a hotel, too:

        1. I think we're going with Wink. However, I did read that they only serve wine (limited selection) and beer... is that indeed (still) the case? Mr. Rabbit's mom is a cocktail drinker and I dunno if this will be our best bet if she can't get her fix.

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            Yep, Wink is beer & wine only but very very well edited wine list and quite interesting. If Mr. Rabbit's mom really needs a cocktail, i would go 45 minutes early to Jeffrey's bar just 2 minutes away on West Lynn, order a couple of pops for her, then down to Wink to dine. Most professional waitstaff in town (not at all stuffy - very personable). Best farm to market menu and talent in any austin kitchen.....