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Dec 16, 2009 10:33 PM

Free meal in Hong Kong where to go?

So I won a bet with a friend and now he owes me a meal when he visits in HK in about a week's time. It's not my intention to make him pay for an expensive meal but since he's quite a serious foodie he said he wants to make the meal a nice one here in HK. So my question is where to go? The group will be about 4 people. I'm thinking Pierre or Caprice but considering he's from NYC (and been to a good handful of the best French restaurants in the world) I'm not really sure it's that great of a choice. Any suggestions?

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  1. @big_apple_ken: if you are considering Caprice or Pierre, I have a new one for you. It is my new found love of 2009! I mean a true love this time perhaps! lolz ... it took me much courage to SHARE my love haha .... it is "one thirtyone" that you might want to try if you haven't ... I spent the whole nite writing the review haha

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      Jason, I actually check your blog pretty regularly so I already read your review from last night (fun read!). I'm sure it must have been an amazing meal for you since I could feel from your review you must have been rushing to get home to write it...haha.

      Anyway, I am definitely planning to check the place out. It seems like whenever I mention eating in Sai Kung One Thirty One is always the first name that is mentioned by my friends. A little surprised you put that over Caprice/Pierre since the reviews from my friends are generally positive but a little mixed at times. Then again been following your reviews for a few months now and they have been pretty spot on :p Thanks for the suggestion!

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        If I were you (and with friends who are also Cantonese), I would try Bo Innovation. You simply can't get similar food anywhere else. Yes, there are other molecular/fusion places in NY and other cities, but don't think any of them experiment with traditional canto dishes.

        Can't wait to try out 131 since I am actually going there on Sunday! should be fun

      2. re: jason.bonvivant

        Hi Jason:

        nice review. How much does it cost per person based on the meal you review on your blog?

      3. Not too sure if these are too "Chinese" for your friends but I would recommend Fook Lam Moon for Cantonese, Sheung Hing for Chiu Chow, or Ting Heung Law for Hanzhou. If you order their signature dishes, your friend would have to pay more than $1000 pp.

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          @ HKTraveler: Bo Innovation is a decent choice although I'm not sure that's the place where I would choose given all the other choices in town.

          @ Four Seasons: I'm sure we are already going to Fook Lam Moon sometime during his stay in HK. If it's not too much trouble what are all the signature dishes for the 3 places you mentioned? I know you guys keep mentioning the crab roe noodles at Ting Heung Lau.

          The idea really isn't to break the bank with my buddy. I personally would be quite happy with a medium priced meal but since he's only in town for a week he suggested we go high end.

          1. re: big_apple_ken

            Hi Ken:

            FLM is better known for the expensive Chinese dishes such as sharkfin, abalone etc, most of them are not so popular with non-Chinese (perhaps with the exception of Japanese) so not too sure if your American friends will appreciate that type of food. As to THL, I love the crab roe noodle but the crab roe shark fin is even more heavenly delicious but again not too sure the type of food I would recommend to outsiders who may not have the acquited taste or too politically correct to try such food.. For other signature dishes, you can read those I recommend on my past thread: