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Dec 16, 2009 10:28 PM

Best FIne Dining Japanese in the PNW?

Does anyone have any suggestions on the best upscale Japanese restaurants in the northwest? What im looking for is a place that focuses mainly on very traditional Japanese cuisine. Modern is fine too. An izakaya or other place that has a lot of classic recipes and less focus on sushi.... tsumami, soups, deep fried whole fish ect... Award winning would be a plus. Im open to any suggestions.

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    1. I am lost as to how you are asking for fine dining and an izakaya in the same request. perhaps you could clarify?

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      1. re: nkeane

        I echo that. Your question is the definitive oxymoron.

      2. I recommend the Western Canada board; Vancouver BC has much more to offer than anywhere else in the PNW in both izakaya and "fine dining Japanese" categories.

        In Seattle, Nishino is the fine dining spot for Japanese cuisine, IMO. It is not an izakaya.

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        1. re: terrier

          I have not been to Tojo's Restaurant in Vancouver but it is on my list for a visit. I've heard from several reliable friends that it is one of the best on the west coast.

          1. re: bourbongal

            The last time I ate at Tojo's was about 10 years ago, and it was incredible. Haven't been since, unfortunately.

        2. sorry let me clarify. Either or is what im asking. Fine dining Japanese Or a traditional izakaya featuring classic preperations

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          1. re: Bento Beast

            Chiso/Kappo is very highly regarded omakase in SEA, don't know exactly how traditional it may be.

            No izakaya in SEA matches what you can get in BC, such as Guu.

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              PDX has a couple great Izakaya.
              Tanuki, for an Okinawan-Taiwanese style and Yuzu for an experience like you would expect from an izakaya.

              Miho izakaya is new in Portland, but has some great dishes, great sake(they all do really, we are blessed in that manner) and great value.

              Portland doesnt really have much in the way of Fine dining Japanese, that isn't sushi. Can't have everything in a city this size I guess.

            2. In Vancouver check out Guu, Hapa and Kingyo which is probably the most upscale.

              As for Izakaya not being compatible with upscale, in general the atmosphere is casual but the food can be very good. Both Hapa and Kingyo have a more upscale atmosphere. For traditional sushi, Yoshi's on Denman has some very good sushi without the prices of Tojos.

              In Seattle, check out Nisihino's, Shiro's, Chiso's - there's a couple of others that many people recommend around the city - sushi is good but Vancouver is a substantial step up from Seattle in terms of Japanese and Chinese food.

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              1. re: ronans

                Shiro -- good, but very, very expensive.
                Chiso -- good, but expensive.
                Nishino -- ugh! Gaijin fare. Typical of dumbed-down Seattle-style Asian food.