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Dec 16, 2009 09:48 PM

Yet another interesting experience, donuts

OK, day started out perfect. Weather around 55 and sunny, no wind, get my metro with a change or two and find my object with no help from anyone, this is a big deal here for me. Spent two hours in the best store l have seen in this country. Japan Traditional Craft Center in Ikebukoro is two floors of ultra high end crafts from all over Japan, all with provenance and sometimes with maker in residence. Spent more than l wanted but way less than l could have. Was totally on a high as l left and what did l see but a, believe it or not, a Cafe du Monde with coffee and beignets. Oh boy, having had a kid at Tulane, so was there in New Orleans many times, and still drink the coffee wherever in the world l might be, had to pull the trigger. Went in and ordered coffee and beignets. from a chart, ok. Then the platter came, coffee had no chicory in it and was weak as could be, but the beignets, oh my, little warm pillows of pillow stuffing. They redefined the word dreadful, ate one, left four. All for the price of
Y 710, made me want to cry. l understand all you ex-pats talk about your this and that, hamburgers, and pizza, but l will avoid any US remake here if l possibly can. Glad to ship anything and everything to any hound from the states when l return. Future ramen report when done as many as l can in a bit.

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  1. Love that Traditional Craft Center!

    Local Cafe du Mondes are owned by a cleaning company called Duskin that also makes toilet air fresheners. And they own Mister Donut.

    There is a big doughnut boom going on now (according to Tokyo Walker magazine anyway); I think Doughnut Plant led the way in the gourmet doughnut category, but there are a few competitors.

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      I saw that Doughnut Plant had a peanut butter/chocolate combo doughnut, but it didn't really do it for me.

      Delucacheesemonger, you might want to try Hara Dougnuts as a localised option. The company brand themselves as a healthier doughnut company, and use soy and okara (tofu lees) among their ingredients.

      I live near a Hara Doughnuts and the queues never fail to amaze me. My husband bought some once - plain, spinach, yuzu and Earl Grey kinds - and they were light, non-greasy yet filling.

      Am attaching a shop list but it's only in Japanese: