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Heading to Corpus Christi or Austin this weekend...

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I've got the choice of either Corpus Christi (near the 359 and Airline) or Austin (near the 1 and Andersen) for work this weekend, first time in Texas, will only be available to explore/eat at night (after 6pm). Budget: ~$40/each. Renting a car.

Couldn't find many interesting posts for Corpus Christi/Aransas... What would y'all say is the typical food of the area? Is the local seafood safe? =) My only knowledge of the cuisine of Texas is steak... What do you suggest?

Seems like Austin Land & Company would be the place to eat steak in Austin... Any other suggestions?

On a side note, any nighttime landmarks or architectural wonders to see near these locations?


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  1. For Austin recommendations, check out the Chowhound Austin board.