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Dec 16, 2009 08:15 PM

Chocolate-covered Potato Chips?

A friend is turning 50 this weekend & one of her very favorite snacks from years ago are chocolate-covered potato chips. I know she used to buy them but I don't know where & am hoping to pick some up for her birthday. I've already tried Williams-Sonoma & Rocky Mountain Chocolate. If none are to be found, I'll probably pick up a bag of good potato chips & chocolate & make some for her.

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  1. If any place in the Chicago area has them, it would be Long Grove Confectionery. That's the kind of thing they do, chocolate covered this and chocolate covered that. Don't be deceived by the handful of items they show on their website; they have a lot more in their stores than they show there, so you'll need to either call ahead or go there to see if they have them. I think the factory store in Buffalo Grove has a bigger selection than the store in Long Grove.

    Another alternative would be to have them shipped from one of the many places that offer them (do a web search; one place sells them through Amazon), but you'd be looking at some hefty shipping charges to get them in time for this weekend.

    My personal favorite is milk chocolate covered "jordan crackers", which I get from Bromilow's in New Jersey, where they are the best selling item in the entire store. They probably do potato chips too; they have about 20 kinds of chocolate covered fruit and lots of other good stuff.

    If you do it yourself, you might want to read this article that appeared in last week's New York Times, about how to work with chocolate for dipping:

    1. I've bought them at the Blommer's Chocolate factory store. They weren't particularly great.

      1. David Bradley has 'em by mail order- milk or dark chocolate too!

        1. Canady Le Chocolatier makes them. They're in the south loop; 824 S Wabash.

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            Thanks for the suggestions.... will try to make a trek into the city tomorrow!

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              You should be able to find chocolate covered potato chips at Neiman Marcus.

          2. Morkes Chocolates in either Palatine or Algonquin. I just called them and confirmed they have them.

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              Thanks to all for the suggestions.... I did end up making them. They turned out great & everyone seemed to like them!!

              I didn't realize that Morkes was even still open. I remember going there years ago, but thought they had closed down. Now I know to stop there whenever we head north!!