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Dec 16, 2009 07:25 PM

Seeking festive appetizer for champagne tasting party!

Think there will be over 20 people so would like a recipe that all would be able to taste. Won't know what other appetizers are being brought. Anyone have unusual dips to recommend? Bruschetta toppings?

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  1. What about a chocolate dip with fruit pieces. Probably different that the usual stuff, and chocolate goes so well with bubbles.

    1. I have a recipe for baked brie in phyllo with sundried tomatoes, pinenuts, and basil. Pretty easy to do and always a hit. A smoked salmon dip would work, I do one with lemon zest, yum.

      1. not unusual, but gougeres are traditional and fab with bubbles. tuna tartare also great.

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          I second the gougeres. We started thanksgiving w/ gougeres and champagne and it was lovely. A single recipe also makes many individual pieces which are easy finger food.

        2. I enjoy shellfish quite a bit with my bubbles, what a bout a simple shrimp presentation or a crab salad in endive leaves?

          1. Black olive pesto and crackers. Or make some cheddar coin type crackers.

            I like the salmon spread idea; I just made one using suggestions from a recent thread. The capers seal the deal for me.

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              you know, i have salmon spreads at my parties all the time and they never get eaten. this year i finally wised up. seems i'm the only one who really loves the stuff, lol. course, there is always a TON of other food.

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                I think people *think* they don't like fish. I put dollops out on crackers and they were hoovered up. By kids, even.

                My 8 year old, who claims to hate fish, ate up some salmon in a salad over Thanksgiving. Afterwards he asked me what kind of animal that salmon meat came from because he'd like to have it again.

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                  my friends are all restaurant and hospitality peeps, not afraid of food by any stretch. they hoover up the chicken liver pate, lol. i just think it's that there is so much other stuff and i'm sick of tossing the salmon. no mas this year.