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Dec 16, 2009 06:56 PM

Smoked salmon filet serving suggestions?


Hey fellow PNWers, this thread isn't getting much action on the Home Cooking board. Maybe you folks will have some suggestions.

I'm heading to a very casual afternoon wedding reception potluck. I've been saving an 8-ounce smoked salmon filet for just such an occassion.

I don't want to make a dip or spread with it, but rather have a simple presentation that keeps the integrity of the salmon in the forefront. Maybe just serve it with some great bread or crackers and cheese?

Any suggestions? Best cheese or other accompaniments? Thanks!

  1. I grew up on the Sound in a large Swedish family. I'm not sure if this is the right way to do it, but we always ate smoked filets (we caught and smoked the salmon ourselves) on crisp bread crackers (Wasabrod) with a smear of a Boursin-type spread.

    1. Try it on artisan bread with a slice of fresh Northwest peach. Maybe even a sprig of dill..... Thats my fav

      1. I don't know if your salmon is smoked or cured salmon, because very often people call cured salmon smoked salmon.

        If your salmon is actually cured with salt and spices, I'd like it to be served thinly sliced with mustard sauce and capers, or creme fraiche with red onions, on sliced good-quality bread.

        1. Good replies so far -

          American Accompaniments - Selection of crackers or bagels, chopped egg, red onions, capers, cream cheese, dill, lemon,

          European Accompaniments - small dense bread slices, blini's or wasa, caviar, creme fraiche, tomatoes, capers, lemon, red onion

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