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Dec 16, 2009 06:38 PM

Where to buy fresh whole native shrimp around Portsmouth NH?

I saw some news about the coming shrimp season.
We plan to drive to Portsmouth NH next few weeks to buy native shrimp.
(We live in Hanover NH)
Last year we only got frozen head-off native shrimps.
This time, we really want to get unfrozen and whole(with head on) shrimp.
Any idea where I can find a good store to buy the shrimps around that area?

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  1. Wow! I am so glad you posted this, my husband and I were both surprised to find out that fresh native shrimp are available up here! I just found some info here:

    Also, there is a new fish market in Manchester, Free Range Fish (out of Portland

    ) They are very nice and I am sure if you call they would be happy to help you get some shrimp if they can!

    1. There's a place on Badger Island (between Portsmouth & Kittery) called Hebert Brother's Seafood that sells fresh, raw native shrimp. As a matter of fact, an article just came out this morning about them which may be viewed here:

      I've heard nothing but good things about the quality of food and service (they like to give out free sample to newcomers and work the crowd).

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        Thank you solargarlic and bewley.
        The websites are very helpful.
        Can't wait to get some nice seafood this time.

      2. Bought some from these guys yesterday at the NH Seacoast Winter Farmers' Market. They have great local fish and prices are excellent.

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          A couple "call ahead" places that are very awesome as well:
          Portsmouth Lobster Company:
          Yankee Fishermens Coop:

          If you want to buy 100 pounds (share with friends!) you can contact Padi Anderson: (.pdf)

          Both are totally happy to make arrangements and meet you - just as long as the wind cooperates for shrimping!

 is a website that is trying to collate all the info

          1. re: sarazoe

            I called almost every store today since we plan to stop by that area this Saturday.
            Almost evry store has native shrimp and even they don't , they say they may have some that day.
            Good news(to me) is , their shrimps still have their heads-on.
            Thank you all for all the useful information.

            1. re: kktony

              I got fresh Maine shrimp with the heads on at Free Range Fish in Manchester yesterday (Wed 12/23) for $1.99/lb. They also had them shelled. We had them last night but the family was a little daunted by whole shrimp and the mess. The taste is complete different from what we are used to. The shells come off very easily but the flesh is very tender and fragile. The guy at the store said some people call them Christmas shrimp.

              I know you plan to buy in Portsmouth but for future reference, the store isn't far off Rt 293. Take exit 4, turn left and head towards Bedford. It's on Second Street. The sign is a little hard to read. It's a stand alone store on west side (right) of the street. Sorry, I can't remember other landmarks. If you want to get on Rt 101 to head to coast, just continue on Second street into Bedford and you can get on by Macy's.

              1. re: dfrostnh

                real time update.

                I called Seaport Fish, FreshRangeFish and also stopped by Hebert Brother's. They don't have "fresh" shrimps today. Some have them caught few days ago. But we found Portsmouth Lobster company has it today. $1.00/lb... and I got 7.7 pounds that costs me only $7 (I was planned to get more but then I found 7.7 pound is more than we can eat for a week).
                We also get 4 lobsters($4.00/lb for chix)... I can not be happier with the price and the quality ...

                And it's time to do the after Christmas shopping now(to the Kittery malls..)

                1. re: kktony

                  We liked the taste of the fresh shrimp (sauteed with evo and garlic) but the family thought they were too messy.
                  $1/lb is a great deal but what are your plans for them? I plan to buy them again but might spring from already shelled or simply shell them myself.