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Dec 16, 2009 06:25 PM

Capelletti, anywhere from Acton to Newton?

I'm looking for a place to buy homemade capelletti anywhere from Acton to Newton for Christmas. Normally, my mom orders them at an Italian grocery store in Milford, but she has now moved away from there. Any ideas?

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  1. You might want to try the Waverly Market in Framingham-it isn't that far from Acton!

    1. How about Tutto Italiano in Wellelsey?

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        Thank you for the suggestions!

      2. Kat, you'll be sad to know Oliva's no longer makes them! I grew up on them and will now take up the task of making them for my family. Now, if I can only get that recipe...

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          Oh no! I remember that last year my mother had difficulty getting them from Oliva's because they said that the older lady who made them was not making them much any more. I guess she is not making them at all now. I did end up getting them at Gene's Variety in Milford, since I made an unexpected trip to Milford last weekend. They are machine made, however, so I am interested to see how my soup turns out.

        2. It never occurred to me that you could buy them. We have always made them in my family, but a once a year production and I never get enough!

          I would love to be able to buy them--are they usually only made seasonally in the shops?

          Pang, the recipe is pretty simple, will see if I can find mine. I think it was half veal half pork ground finely, some nutmeg, maybe salt & pepper. Getting a really nice chicken broth is key!