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Dec 16, 2009 05:41 PM

Dallas B'day dinner rec -- price point similar to Salum?

I've been scouring this forum, Guidelive, and restaurant websites in an effort to find a good place to take my father for his 60th birthday celebration. I love all the restaurants Dallas has to offer, but it's hard to find fine dining options below a certain price point (Fearings, Mansion, etc). Please help?

I'm looking for wonderful food, good service, and can do pricey within reason -- entrees for $25-30 are welcome, entrees $40+ are not. Have been to Salum & La Duni and loved those, but want to try something new.

Any kind of atmosphere is fine, but would like to go somewhere we can hear each other talk. Any type of cuisine is welcome, except for Asian-fusion-ish (we're Asian, so the gimmick isn't quite as appreciated).

Currently considering Bijoux and York Street. Can I do Stephan Pyles within that budget? Thoughts?

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  1. York Street is great. However, you should also consider, Lawry's The Prime Rib. You'd love it!

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      1. What about Hattie's in Bishop Arts? I've had lesser service there in the past but it seems to be much better these days.

        I'd consider Bijoux and SP as at the same price point as Fearings and the Mansion.

        Ocean Prime is at the top of my list to try, if you're looking to stay in uptown.

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          Thanks for the tip!

          Approx how much is prix fixe at Bijoux? Their website is not so helpful...

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            I couldn't tell you exactly, but you're looking at 2-3 bills with wine and tip for 5 or so courses, 2 people. I think there are supplements at some courses (which I'm a sucker for) but I may be confused with somewhere else.

        2. The relatively new Samar is smoking hot and extremely enjoyable. Not sure how many guests, but there is a smallish private room, and the price is very compatable. I would venture to say with wine it could be 40 or less per person easily. Pyles claims average ticket under 30 per person with cocktail.

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            Second Samar. I just went a couple nights ago for the first time and had a great meal for under $30/person (did not drink or have dessert though). If you do go I highly recommend the Almond Gazpacho and the Foie Gras option under the Tres Vasos.

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              SAMAR SAMAr SAMAR! The food is out of this world good!

            2. I would try Javier's Mexican. Love the old world feel and truly a Dallas hot spot.

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                Thanks guys! This is super helpful -- especially since I just called York Street and they are CLOSED at the beginning of Jan for the holidays.

                I've read a lot about Samar and it looks right up our alley, except for lots of complaints about tiny portions. I'm fine with that (it is tapas, after all) except for the fact that we will be having a 6'3" teenage boy with us =/ For those who have been, are there any larger dishes that will fill him up without us having to empty our wallets?

                1. re: ml7

                  Just a few shared plates will definitely satisfy. Three or four at best. They have no full plates. The prices are pretty reasonable and the dishes are truly a delight. Samar would be a ton of fun for your teen, if his palate is on the adventurous side. And the service is off the charts amazing.