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Dec 16, 2009 05:26 PM

Italian Bakery within 15 minutes of Jenkintown?

Once again we have the job of bringing the Italian pastries to the family Christmas gathering in CT, and once again we have just moved somewhere new! Don't really want to go to South Philly or even Center City, hoping there's somewhere good nearby! Suggestions?

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  1. Sam's Italian Market in Willow Grove of course! It's right on Welsh Road.

    1. Also, if you wanted to go a little further there's Taste of Italy in Springhouse.

      1. The Roma Bakery on Route 202 in Blue Bell (just west of where Rt 73 and Rt 202 intersect) is really a great bakery. I think that it is as good as the south Philly bakeries. Everything is made there and, although expensive, is very good.

        Roma Bakery

        1018 Dekalb Pike
        Center Square, PA 19422-1812
        (610) 275-5535

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          Agree on both points. Expensive and very good. I second the recommendation for Roma.

          1. re: Unkle Al

            I throw in a 3rd recommendation for Roma. Definitely not cheap and definitely very good!

          2. I'm not going to tell you its w/in 15 minutes, but if you park your car at the jenkintown train station, you sure can get to Termini Bros. and the rest of RTM quick.
            but, yeah, that brings you back to center city.

            1. Taste of Italy in Spring House gets their pastires delivered from an Italian bakery on Staten Island. While they are good they may not be the freshest. Roma is a little further but worth it. BTW, Taste of Italy gets New York bagels daily when you are in the mood for that.