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food options near the holy cross,help

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im wondering if there is anything good around there,pub wise.i have to go there and dont like going down macload (i know places there)

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  1. nobody knows of anything around the holy cross hospital calgary ,i find this hard to believe .

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      we're confused because the holy cross has been closed for years- but that's right by 4th street, tons of places to eat there!

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        There is a Joyce on 4th pub on around 24th Ave and 4th St.. The Holy Cross has operated as a medical centre (cancer centre, women's health clinic, private health care etc.) after it was closed as a hospital. I had a sandwich at a cafeteria there a few years ago but as John M. says walking to 2 blocks west to 4th St gives you lots of better options.

    2. In Mission area, my fav place (not a pub) is Antonio's Garlic Clove... you walk out stinking but it's so tasty. I like the garlic caesar and they used to have this amazingly dense garlic chocolate ganache cake. Also the wobbly chops are good.

      I've also been to the Vin Room for a private party - great service, great food but I'm not sure what their regular menu/service is like.

      If you're really looking for a pub, I've heard good things about the Wildwood Brewpub although never been. http://www.wildwoodgrill.ca/

      1. ducky's has food?! i had no idea :P

        anyways, there's tonnes in the area on 4th street. If you're looking specifically for pub fare, maybe head to Original Joe's. I find the james joyce overpriced. Vin room has great small plates and fantastic wine if you want to go a bit more upscale.

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          Merry113 - I was told by an employee that they were expecting to close before Christmas. I haven't talked to her in a couple of weeks - but I thought that was still the plan. Maybe they have found a way to stick around. In talking with reps from GFS and Sysco...A LOT of restaurants are having very difficult times.
          Marcopolo - yes, Duckys has more than just karaoke. It's been 5 years since I moved from Bankview to the other side of the river...so it's been at least that long since I've been there...but I remember it was fun.