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Dec 16, 2009 03:59 PM

kid friend in (or near) Kenmore?

I am taking my seven year old cousin out tomorrow afternoon for some good old fashioned fun. We are going to go bowling at Lucky Strikes on Lansdowne steret and I wanted to take her out for dinner afterwards. I know most of the places down in that area and am not really coming up with anything that I think would work with her. Any suggestions?

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  1. Bertucci's is always good for kids. There's also UBurger, which is good fast food. Both of these are right in the heart of Kenmore Square. Have fun!

    1. Here is another thought... would Kings be better? I have never been there but I know that it is attached to Summer Shack. Maybe that would be a better kid friendly option?

      1. Eastern Standard is kid friendly - may even have a kids menu. They have grilled cheese and burgers.

        1. depends on the kid. you could have tacos at la verdad or hamburgers at eastern standard.

          i was thinking kings and summer shack though, too.

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            Thanks for the suggestions! We ended up bowling at Lucky Strike and having dinner at Sunset in Allston. All in all a perfect date with a seven year old. :)