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Dec 16, 2009 03:45 PM

Suggestions for what to cook for Christmas Dinner?

We are having prime rib for Christmas Eve and am stumped about what to make for Christmas Dinner. Turkey or ham is a no go as we will be a goup of 4 adults and one child. (that would be too much)
I was thinking some kind of special occasion seafood dish?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. We are having crab louies. I have ordered 3 lbs of cracked dungeness crab legs from local source.

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    1. re: duck833

      You're not getting the bodies also? That's the easiest IMO.

      1. re: duck833

        I see OP lives in CT so Dungenness isn't going to work. Can you get lobster in the winter? I loved the Louis idea so I think something else with chilled shellfish sounds great. Shrimp Louis???

      2. turkey isn't necessarily too much for your group - you could get a small one, or just a large, bone-in breast as opposed to the whole bird. but if you want to make a special seafood dish, i *adore* this Jean-Georges recipe:

        i substitute another dried fruit (currants, dried cranberries, dried tart cherries, or diced dried apricots) for the raisins because i don't really like them, and i typically cut down on the butter & oil just a tad...and if the mood strikes i sometimes add a tiny pinch of red chile flakes.

        1. Sounds like you're doing enough work the night before with the prime rib.

          What about a more rustic approach? I don't think it always needs to be a large platter of meat in the middle of the table and sides galore. Braise some short ribs and serve them over mushroom polenta.

          1. How bout conish hens? There's quite a post going on with recipes. They are easy to prepare in advance and take less than an hour to cook. If you need recipes, reply back.