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Dec 16, 2009 02:32 PM

Shinjuku Recommendations??

Hello All,

I will be moving to the Shinjuku area (about a 10 minute walk north of the train station) for four months starting in January and would love to hear some recommendations for all sorts of goodies in the local area and any recommendations for the greater Tokyo area as well. I would love to try anything and everything during my time there. Thanks guys

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  1. I lived in Shinjuku for a year and a half and plenty of great places.

    Isetan depachika (for everything)
    Takashimaya depachika (check out the focaccia and ciabatta at Peck)
    Tempura Tsunahachi
    Tonkatsu Santa
    Takano Fruits
    Saiseisakaba for offal cuisine

    and some great antenna shops offering local cuisine from
    (these two shops are just outside the south exit)

    For a treat, go to the Park Hyatt Tokyo for the New York Bar and Grill or Kozue.

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    1. re: Yukari

      I have been intriguated in this Tonkatsu “santa”. Passing by in Shinjuku, my choice was on the mix fry lunch set at 2,200 yens : 2 schrimps (normal size sort of ”precut’), scallop, pork fillet, croquette (so-so home made)… The crust is slice bread handmade cutted and gives a nice flake crust, fried in oil added with lard, served with akamiso, thin sliced cabbage as usual… Sauce is just ordinary. After this decription and details, the interesting part : the cooking chef ! The kitchen apron of that ones was durty. A let go, in my opinion, a lost of engagement. Butagumi is far better.
      Continuing… the offal food reminds me of the Roma banquet, extravagant Satiricon, and its sensational : white parfumed offals, stuffed vulva,… ans that was our choice for a after diner. Surprisingly, it wasn’t difficult to choose between the red/white offals, everything was very fresh and very convivial : a set, ox tongue, pork lever with leeks and sesame oil,… In one word : thanks !.

      1. re: Ninisix

        Stuffed vulva? Must be in Kabukicho!

        1. re: Uncle Yabai

          I dunno. . . there's a bar in Shinsaibashi called vulva. :-)

          (I suspect Ninisix means uterus)

          1. re: prasantrin

            What is the relation ? The DVD series ”Roma” describe the period more than our current logic “eye”. The banquet Satiricon is as sensational, and among surprising the offals… Not sure that the use of the on-line translation will help…

            1. re: Ninisix

              this is not directly in shinujuku, but it's on the shinjukuline...

              Yamariki sells extremely gross stuff, prepared in an extremely gross way. I must add that I am 100% ignorant to anything horumon, but piggy brains and rectum cooked tender in a saucepot that has not been cleaned for 40 years (yes, as in: same broth for 40 years now. no: not a figure of speech, really the same broth) seems....well...interesting?

              Get off at Morishita-Eki on Toei Shinjuku Line

              1. re: Ninisix

                In terms of food, I don't think vulva are ever used, at least not that I've ever seen on a menu. Vulva are the mostly visible portions of a female's private parts. It would be pretty hard to stuff them, I think, and if you did, it would most certainly only be an appetizer portion. On a pig, see (non-offensive picture).

                The uterus is the part of a female in which a fetus grows. Uteri are often seen on menus, Asian in particular, and in my research, I did find reference to stuffed pig's uterus:

                "According to the invaluable Unmentionable Cuisine of Calvin W. Schwabe, membranes, pancreas, testicles and what he calls scraps (what can be left?) all have their celebrants. He even provides a Roman recipe for a stuffed pig’s uterus."


                1. re: Ninisix

                  Ninisix, are you writing your posts in English first, or are you translating from another language to English using a computer translator?

                  1. re: racer x

                    Thanks Prasantin for your post, referring to the `pigs in France`. Coming to the technical explanation, not far here the links in relation :

                    ‘Toussaint-Samat's tome titled simply History of Food mentions the delicacy of a sow's vulva’ in Beer with sausages of Michigan`s article.
                    [[the Romans were true gastronomes. They appreciated in particular a dish somewhat forgotten but which can always become trendy again: "I'd read that the ancient Romans' favorite-and choicest-dish was stuffed sow's vulva." (53)]]

                    Well, I would like to stop this subject, otherwise it will be abject….

          2. I recommend exploring the Kabukicho area, which has a myriad of cheap comfort food places. Many are open 24 hrs. And if you're 10 minutes north of the station, you are either in or close to the Okubo area which has a high density of Korean restaurants, including Korean street food stalls. I think it has surpassed Kawasaki in terms of the size of it's ethnic Korean concentration.

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            1. re: Silverjay

              Sounds great guys. Any specific dishes or items I must try at these spots??

              1. re: FoodDude2

                In Okubo, I like Ton-chan - a very porky type of grill your own meat shop. It's quite cheap, smokey, loud and fun.

                Somewhere on the nishi-shinjuku side (somewhat behind Bic Camera) is a good ramen shop that serves huge portions of chashiu. I'll try my best to remember the name, but right now I'm completely brain dead.

                1. re: lost squirrel

                  A cinema is closed in the sector of Kabukicho in Shinjuku, after the last train of midnight, is not a place to stay.

                  If you want to try to cook and use the Japanese ingredients, the best price value is the department Odakyu HALC for their Japanese beef and their fish choices. The bakery SUMINOE is a knock out ! On the other hand it is difficult to access. To access, on the 1st floor of the Main Building Odakyu, behind the stand Chanel, take the stairs on the lower level.

                  On the area of West Shinjuku, if you want to try your first ramen :

                  - ramen Musashi.

                  - ramen Kuromon

                  Route : get down the avenue on your right and go straight… it will be 50 meters after the crossing of Tomin Bank, on your right for the Ramen Musashi and on your left for the other one.

                  1. re: lost squirrel

                    Lost Squirrel, is this the place you meant?

                    1. re: racer x

                      There must have been about 3 pounds of pork in that bowl (hard to believe, but one of the slabs was thicker than my two hands pressed together). Just 1400 yen.

                      Well, even if it isn't the same place, it seems to be fairly popular -- I noticed it because there were so many people entering.

                      1. re: racer x

                        That's not it. I just ran through all the shops on this site and couldn't find it:

                        The place I'm thinking of offers a huge piece of pork, grilled like a pork chop and placed on top of the bowl. I really wish I could remember the name.

                        I have a few months before the original poster leaves the country - I'll figure out sooner or later ! :-)

                        1. re: lost squirrel

                          Manrai, Horiuchi and Takaraya are the only three places in that little area between Bic and that big east-west street to the north of it, that serve large amounts of pork. Manrai is the place in Racer_x's pictures, and Horiuchi is basically a clone of Manrai. Neither of them grills the pork IIRC. If you are saying it's grilled, you may be thinking of Takaraya:


                          1. re: kamiosaki

                            Well done kamiosaki! That is the place I was referring to. I went a few years ago and I enjoyed it.

                            Just another thought, did anyone mention Shomben Yokocho (Piss Alley) ?
                            Some interesting food in there.