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Dec 16, 2009 01:52 PM

Candy boxes, etc needed...

Due to the recession, everyone who is not an immedient family member is getting homeade fudge, truffles, and the like. Where can I find great, cute and CHEAP boxes for wrapping? Also that edible gold powder to roll the truffles in? I'm in Hollywood-I hate to drive, but I will. Thanks!

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  1. Hello!

    I'd suggest Surfas and Michael's...

      1. I have actually gone to Smart and Final and found some food containers there. I usually put on Christmas stickers and a bow to fancy them up. You have to buy in bulk, but over the years my stock is now getting low.

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        1. re: JEN10

          Smart & Final has those great square chinese food boxes with handles... you add decorations and a bow and it's perfect for candy and cookies.

        2. Those places that sell the melting "chocolate" and molds usually have a good variety of boxes, attractive cello bags, paper cups, etc.

          Check the yellow pages for something in your area. If you don't find something in Hollywood there used to be a spot on Magnolia in No Hollywood.

          I am also seeing that stuff in Target, Michaels and Cost Plus. Not in the same variety as the specialty candy and cake decorating stores but a convenient local store might have what you're looking for.

          1. I went to the Hollywood 99 cent store on Sunset last night and they have boxes like the ones you get for Chinese takout, but with Christmas designs on them. And since they're at the 99 cent store......

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              American Vine in Hollywood. Its on Melrose just west of Cahuenga, east of Highland. (on the same block as Providence).They have loads of stuff. Its always a bit in disarray. Sift through and there are loads of good things to use. It's got most of the items Micheal's does just less organized, but I've always had good luck there with bakery boxes. cookie boxes, molds, etc.

              All of the above are also good for these supplies as well. I purchased some great, not cheesy, cellophane with a red and white snowflake motif at the .99 cent store on La Brea and Willoughby.

              I do love Michael's and I did venture to the Burbank store the first weekend in December and even then it was pretty picked over.