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Mar 11, 2005 02:37 PM

Swedish Easter Semlar

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If you are of the Swedish persuasion and have been craving the Easter treat - Semla, Berolina Bakery has them available now. I usually call and place an order the week before Easter and pick them up the Saturday before.
What is a Semla? They are large cardamom buns which are hollowed out and have marzipan and whipped cream inside, sprinkled with powdered sugar. Large enough to share (if you can stand it). $2.50 each.
Just called and she said they are available until "sometime after Easter". Berolina Bakery 3421 Ocean View Blvd, Glendale south of Honolulu (818) 249-6506. See link below - click on Our Products, then Cakes & Pastries and go to the 4th one down - that is a Semla. YUMMY!!


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  1. heck yeah. semlar + cup of swedish coffee = happiness

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    1. re: petradish

      What is Swedish coffee? How is it different from other coffees? And where can I get some? Does Berolina's serve it I wonder?

      1. re: ChefLisa

        Having been married to a Swede for 40 years and friends with many others, they are very picky about their coffee. While I do not like Gevalia personally (too acidic IMO), Zoegas Skaneroast (a dark roast liked by southern Swedes) is one of the great commercially-available coffees of the world. Try it if you can, but, alas, I do not know how to get it in the US. Does anyone? Melitta dark roast isn't bad either.

        1. re: TCUJoe

          the easiest access to swedish coffee is ikea (burbank, carson, costa mesa). you can pick up the lofbergs lila brand (purple box) in the food section. they also brew it in the cafes. *warning* carson is the most clueless in terms of proper strength-way too weak and their cafe is minimal/practically nonexistant. burbank is better with a larger selection of food. can't comment on costa mesa.

          good swedish coffee is very aromatic (with a lovely sweet scent from the bean oils), complex, strong yet smooth, and never ever bitter. the beans are arabica, roasted on the dark side, so that "medium" is considered "light" in swedish terms. it's very complimentary with the aromas & flavors of bakery goods that contain cardamom, yeasty pastry doughs, vanilla & almonds. pass by the entrance of the swedish & norwegian seamen's church (1035 s. beacon st., san pedro) on an active morning and you'll smell it (that's how they lure new people in!). stop into their little boutique and you can buy some kaffe to take home.

          i don't like gevalia either & unfortunately that's the one you see the most. arvid nordquist royal classic is nice. zoegas is fantastic-you can order it from

          1. re: petradish

            Too bad Christianses's in San Pedro is no longer there - you could get all kinds there. Lofberg's is the best and as petradish indicated can be purchased at Ikea. I agree, Burbank is best. Whenever I go, I have to have the Shrimp Sandwich with Lingon juice - the BEST!
            At the N & S Seamen's church you can also get Norwegian waffles with the coffee while you peruse all their scandinavian newspapers. Have been going there since I was an infant (how can you not when you are 1/2 Norwegian, 1/2 Swedish??!!) - still have nightmares about the "scary julenisse" looking at me one Christmas party from behind the frosted glass of the door that leads to the basement. Still can't get past that!! ;-)

    2. I'm half Swedish, but not practicing. Those sound dangerous though...

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      1. re: martyR

        How could you not be practicing? You can start, if you want, by going to the Scandinavian Days at Cal Lutheran in Moorpark on April 9 & 10.

      2. I'm not Swedish, but my barber is Swedish and so is my car and mechanic. And I just got a vintage Made in Sweden wool zip up sweater...anyway.

        This sounds great. Been meaning to go check out this bakery for a while. Have you been to Shreiner's Fine Sausages that's close by? Any recs? Figure I would check out both of these places while I up there.

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        1. re: Alan

          I LOVE Shreiner's Black Forest Ham sandwich - delish!! They also have great cheeses and meats in their case. They also sell the always delicious potato sausage (amongst others) in their freezer. Boil those puppies up with some potatoes and carrots and you have a meal made in heaven!! ;-)

        2. I'll call eventually, but do you know if they make the Swedish Sandwich cakes on special order? They don't mention it on the site.


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          1. re: Jerome

            Good question. I don't know, have never seen them there (or anywhere for that matter). I would give them a buzz and ask. Another place that "may" be able to help you is Olson's Swedish Deli on Pico near Fairfax (323) 938-0742, but I can't promise anything.

            1. re: Jerome

              if berolina doesn't have it, i agree with trying olson's. nordic fox in downey might make one, or contact a swedish caterer like i make my own for midsummer-if you can frost a cake...


            2. My wife and I just returned from Stockholm. We're still craving semla, which were available on seemingly every street corner in Stockholm. Even the local 7-Eleven made great semla! It's good to know we can get semla here is SoCal.

              Tack! (Swedish for gracias)

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              1. re: JL

                I hope you had a nice time in Sweden. You can get them at Berolina from January til "sometime after Easter".
                Var sa god!! that's de nada in Swedish