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Dec 16, 2009 01:01 PM

Which coffee cake do you prefer.....Boston Coffee Cake or My grandma's?

The cakes both appear so similar when looking at them on line, curious to know if there is a real difference between the two company's and if so, which would you recommend? Thinking of one as a xmas gift for someone. TIA

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  1. Bostob Coffee Cake is quite good, if you avoid blueberry or apple, stick to cinnamon or walnut. Moist, has a nice crumb. However the cake is disappointingly small when it comes out of the box. Weight and size has been reduced over the years, but not box size.

    Grandma's is also quite good, but not worth twice the price. I usually see grandma's at $9.99. Boston is usually $5.99 ($6.99 at Stop and Shop). Week before last they were $3.99 at Market Basket and I bought 6 for the freezer. MIL serves them to the ladies at her card game.

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      Just wanted to say "thanks Bagelman01" for the reply. Funny thing was my sister-in-law happen to mention that her neighbors had brought her a Boston Coffee Cake as a xmas present. Then I remembered they had also given her one during the summer while I was there. For me, it just isn't my favorite kind of cake to eat. I prefer a nice babka or seven sisters danish or pecan ring however; for that type of coffee cake I say it was good and my older neighbors back in Fl.who I was thinking of sending it to would have definitely liked it.

      I smiled when you said the weight and size has been reduced over the true that rings for so many things. Its just amazing too what an inexpensive cake like that costs when you have to buy on line and then throw in the shipping cost as well. For a 3lb cake, both were around $30.00. They had a smaller one at GCC for $20.95. Then add some shipping charge to Fl. and its crazy. You really got an incredible deal....$3.99??? Thats insane! I would have stocked up too.

      I sent my neighbors the gift of bread from Zingermans here in Ann Arbor instead. That also added up with the shipping and $10.00 gift box but they all seemed to really enjoy it so
      it was all worth it. I guess the extra cost of mail order is just one of those extras you deal with when you live in smaller towns and your friends and family are somewhere else.

      I know I'll have an occasion again to send something and I think I'll give "My Grandma's" a try despite everything. I liked the idea how you can get it pre-sliced and the tins( atleast the holiday ones) were really nice. Supposably, this is the same cake they
      served at the Plaza how bad could it be??? Thanks again.

    2. Finally tried My grandma's coffeecake and thought it was excellent. Lucky enough to find it in one of the upscale markets here and happened to be on special for $8.99.(reg. 12.99) I was with my husband at the time and he insisted on getting the granny smith apple coffee cake although I had wanted to try the original. It was very moist and I liked that there was no butter after taste which I had noticed with the sourcream coffee cake from Zingermans which I had earlier. Found out they use no trans fat or butter. Reminded my husband of a Jewish apple cake. Will definitely get again and have no problem sending either original or this one as a gift.

      There was a paper insert in the box that listed promo codes that I could use on future mail order purchases. I checked with the company this morning and found out they were still valid.

      SUM4 - $4.00 off p/cake btwn Jan.1st-Nov.30th
      WIN2 - $2.00 off p/cake btwn Dec 1st-Dec.31st

      1. Just thought I'd pass this on....

        Ordered "My Grandma's" coffee cake this year for those same neighbors that I was debating on
        sending it to last year. What a nice surprise it was when I found out they were having a special and the gift tin ( while supply lasts) would be included with the price of the cake. A $4.00 cake tin charge along with my $2.00 coupon saving...not bad.

        P.S. These coffee cakes were just featured on the "Today Show" as one of the best coffee cakes. If your lucky enough to have a store in your area that sells them, great to get one for yourself for xmas morning too.

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