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Dec 16, 2009 12:24 PM

Food gift for a diabetic?

A neighbour is having a little drop in get together for her husband that has recently passed away. I would like to bring something, other than flowers, however she is a diabetic so not sure what would be appropriate. Any ideas other than diabetic candy welcome.

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  1. How about a book, CD or a live plant? People may have deluged her with food gifts.

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      The trouble is I don't know these people very well so I have no idea as to her interests in books, music and that kind of thing.

    2. Diabetics can eat nuts so perhaps and assortment of dry-roasted. Avoid peanuts as they are legumes, not true nuts.

      1. Nuts, cheeses, a cold cut or antipasto platter could all do fine.

        1. no bread or pastry or baked goods
          no pasta, rice, potatoes, or other starch.
          you can give anything that you know is low carb.

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            And some diabetics don't eat fruit.

          2. Suggestions for nuts are good, as well as cheese.

            You could bring some Fricos (parmesan crisps).

            Pasta Salad made with shirataki noodles

            Marinated mushrooms and roasted (non-starchy) vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, etc.

            Home-made seasoned jerky if you care to make it.

            You could also make a kugel with Dreamfield's low carb pasta like this one: http://www.krissyinboston.com/?p=154 (use the cream cheese instead of cottage cheese and sour cream or cream instead of half and half - also feel free to add vanilla and cinnamon for a sweeter version, adding stevia if you so desire


            If you know she likes sweets, here is a good cheesecake recipe from Diabetic Gourmet: http://www.diabeticgourmet.com/recipe... (you could also substitute the crust with a nut crust to lower the carb count more


            I'm sure in her time of grief she will appreciate any gesture, and you're a kind soul to be giving such forethought to what you bring.

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              Thanks Emme, and everyone else. I wasn't planning on making something as I just don't have the time. I'm also thinking that even if I did bring a cake I'm fairly certain she'll be having lots of visitors to serve it to. Anyways the get together is today. I'm going to see if I can pick up a nice nut platter. Thanks again everyone for the helpful suggestions, as always.

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                I would take a plant. A living tribute to carry on. And if it's a small one then some nuts, too!