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Dec 16, 2009 11:58 AM

Kosher Deli in Westchester

I want to order a kosher deli platter for Saturday. Any recommendations? Is Epsteins in Hartsdale good since they changed owners? Thanks

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  1. Do you want it delivered on Saturday during the day? Kosher restaurants with widely accepted supervision are closed on the Sabbath, although during the winter, some may be open on a Saturday night. I don't have any particular knowledge of the delis of Westchester, sorry.

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    1. re: GilaB

      I don't need Glatt Kosher. The other kosher delis, like Epsteins, are open on Saturday.

      1. re: selhal

        Your question asks if it's "good." I don't think there are any widely accepted Kosher Delis in Westchester. I think the general consensus is that they're Kosher style but not actually Kosher.

        I think it's an issue of supervision. I'd find out the specific supervision that they have and find out if your guests will eat it.

        I know that's not entirely helpful but I live relatively close to Westchester and I'd be happy to find a suitable place to eat at myself...

    2. Since you're not looking for strictly kosher, and many or most who post here are, maybe you should also post on a local board, since fewer people on this board are going to be familiar with the kosher-style places.