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Dec 16, 2009 11:55 AM

Good fries and burger on Browns Line

Once a month or so I go and get some fries at this very little joint on Browns Line, right next to Pizza Pizza. I can't remember what it is called, Burger something. The fries are quite good, made with Yukon Gold potatoes; they are best eaten right away. These fries are usually golden crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. I don’t believe they are deep fried in beef tallow, but none the less they are great fries.

Well I was in there today and there are new owners, the menu has changed, for the better imho. They now are selling buffalo burgers and soon will be also selling lamb burgers. I ordered the buffalo burger with bacon and cheese and it was very good. The meat was not tough and it did have a decent flavour. There are some testy grill marks on the burger. Besides cheese and bacon, you can of course have the usual toppings. They also have some interesting sauces; I had the red pepper catsup which was nice, not sugary sweet like bottled catsup.

Now the only downside is how the burger was cooked. No seasoning before hitting the grill, however, the bacon and cheese did add some saltiness but not enough. To test for doneness, the burger is cut open to see if it is done which allows for juices to leak into the fire. The burger did not stay very long on the grill after it was cut in to, thank god. But despite the lack of proper grilling technique (heck where can you get a burger cooked properly anyway!?) the buffalo burger was very good. Not some thin frozen patty, it is of a good thickness.

There is only sitting for 3-4 people at the counter and there is no other sitting inside, it is a takeout place. It’s not easy to see this place while driving down Browns Line; in fact I did not see this place for the first year or so of living in the area.

Great fries, good buffalo burger and a pop for just under $10.00, this is a good deal in my books. I’ll be back for more buffalo and to try the lamb.

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  1. So the burger is unseasoned and cut open during cooking and it's still good??


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    1. re: Davwud

      Yes indeed it sounds like an oxymoron. The meat itself is well seasoned, it just that any time your place meat on a heat source you always season all sides. This adds to the overall flavour and helps with a crust. So what I’m saying is that this burger was very good, but could be a little better with some proper cooking technique.
      It would appear that those on the grill are not trained, that cutting open the meat is way to tell if the meat is cooked. This is a shame that the meat is cut open, I did mention that the bottom of your palm is the way to tell weather it is med-rare, well-done etc… I don’t believe the person whom I told this too had ever heard of such a thing. Despite further butchering the meat while it was on the grill, the meat was done and was not dry. However, it would have been even juicer if it was not butchered again on the grill.
      Proper handling and cooking technique go a long way to bringing out the full flavour of food.

    2. I believe you are referring to Big Burger. Earlier this week they had a sign indicating they will also have organic burgers.

      Organic Big Burger
      602 Browns Line, Toronto, ON M8W3V5, CA

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      1. Oh, cool, it's good? I used to go by it constantly and it just looked so sketchy... Sounds good now, though, with the ownership change.
        Sounds like a reason to go Christmas shopping at Sherway and take a little lunch detour!

        1. I would tell the guy specifically not to hack up and cut into my burger.

          Maybe once a person or two complains about it, they'd get the hint: you're doing it WRONG

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          1. re: duckdown

            I most certainly pointed out and tried to explain the why and how, my mouth is as big as my belly! I believe they may think of me as being a pain in the butt customer. The one woman appears not take construct criticism well, so I believe. In any case the next time I'm in there, and I will be there very soon, I will order and tell them not to butcher my meat any further.

            1. re: Pastryrocks

              Yeah they are usually like that; just gotta hope that more than one person complains so you don't seem like the only one complaining. I'd definitely tell them to stop if I saw them do that

              Dunno what they find so hard about letting the grill do the cooking, rather than chopping up your burger and draining the juices just so it cooks 2 seconds quicker

          2. Here is an update

            Had a few buffalo burgers from Organic Big Burger, which I’ve really enjoyed. I’ve been in the place about four times. After the 2nd time, they now season my burger and do not cut into the meat without me saying anything. Since they make the burger and it is not made some where in the USA in a huge plant that makes 1000’s of pounds of hamburgers at a time. I’m quite secure with the quality of the meat that if they under cook the meat, it is quite safe to eat. I much rather have meat under cooked, med-rare would be nice.

            They have even brought in a hamburger bun with no cornmeal on the top of the bun; I’m allergic to corn, really nice touch!

            Since the new management has taken over, there has been a great deal of new additions to the menu. They are selling two kinds of fires, regular cut and skinny cut made with organic Yukon gold potatoes. The regular fries have always been good, but now I don’t have to worry about all the chemicals and radiation that are in non-organic potatoes. They are also selling Sweet Potato fries, which I have yet to try. Now these fries are cook in Trans fat free Canola oil. They have a little pamphlet that has the menu and some info on the organic ingredients.

            The regular fries are always good imho, they are slightly crispy and golden brown. I tried the skinny cut, but they where not fried enough. Imo skinny fires should be cooked like frites, quite crispy so that they can be picked up with a fork. These where under done, and would break when you try and pick them up with a fork, fingers would work but there is no place to wash your hands.

            Now the Bison burger is really lean, but it is also quite tasty. There cooking method is coming along, each time I order a burger they now season and don’t cut into my burger. I hope they do that with all the burgers.

            The organic beef burgers do come in different sizes, 4oz ($3.29), 6oz (4.29), 8oz ($5.29), double burger ($7.29) and the Organic Pounder Classic ($9.99). They also have combos which include drink and fries.

            They have yet to have the lamb burger ready for sale.

            This place not only sells organic burgers and fries, but they also have organic salads, pop, Milk Shakes and Organic Coffee. I had an organic root beer, which taste quite good, not so sweet and rich in flavour.

            For those who would rather eat meat for an animal that lives in such poor conditions that the animal needs to be fed antibiotics to stay alive, they do offer a non-organic burger. They also have chicken fingers, fish & Chips, etc… But for me the Buffalo burger and fries are very good. I can’t wait for the lamb burger!

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              1. re: Pastryrocks

                I went about 3 weeks ago.

                I love the concept of this place. Its quite cheap for an organic burger. They are still new and working kinks out of course. but I am happy to wait.

                The burger came "seasoned" there was like parsley and (I think) mustard seeds in there along with some other spices. To be honest, I was saddened to eat a baretta beef burger with all that stuff. I suggested that they should have a "seasoned" and "unseasoned" burger option, since their whole motif is about options.

                For the record, my burger wasn't cut. however, I asked for medium and I guess the heat wasn't high enough on the grill and by the time the outside was cooked, so was the inside. however, as we've noticed, things are improving with this place.

                I also have some more mean criticism, but I will save it for later, or hopefully, they will remedy it.

                1. re: Pastryrocks

                  i must try this place out but i am confused are they carrying both bison and buffalo and is the buffalo water (asia) or cape (african) anilmals??

                  1. re: Pastryrocks

                    Made a visit here this past weekend and they had the lamb burger available, which I tried. I'm pretty sure it was my first ever lamb burger and I liked it, and as JEB mentioned before, the meat has minced parsley (or similar green herb) mixed in. The (free) sauteed onions are a nice topping and I enjoyed their homemade chipotle mayo as well. I tried their sweet potato fries and they were okay - there were a lot of tidbit pieces, though. My SO had the organic beef burger and we noticed that it was done to a medium without us asking - fine by us! For both burgers, the meat:bun ratio could have been better (i.e. more meat), but they are offering a unique product in the area.

                    Note: as Pastryrocks mentioned, this place is now called "Organic Big Burger" instead of "Big Burger" as it's under new management.