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Russian grocery/deli in Gainesville/Jacksonville/Orlando?

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Hi guys, I wondered if you could help me out. My parents recently moved to Gainesville. So far they haven't found a Russian grocery store, or some other eastern European grocery that stocks Russian products. Do any of you know of one? In Gainesville would be ideal, obviously, but I guess they would have heard of it if if existed. They do travel to Jacksonville and Orlando on occasion, so if either of those has one, that would be awesome to know too.

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  1. There is a Russian Bakery called Lacomka Bakery. There info is:
    2050 Semoran Blvd # 140
    Winter Park, FL 32792-2237
    (407) 677-1101

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      Winter Park is practically Orlando, by the way.

    2. Well, it's a haul, but there is one in Tampa. It's called Euro Food & Deli, 3949 West Kennedy Boulevard
      Tampa, FL 33609, (813) 207-2020.

      1. Thanks everyone. I ended up finding a place in Jacksonville:

        Gourmet House International Foods
        6271 St. Augustine Rd
        Jacksonville, FL 32217

        1. There is a Russian Grocery/Restaurant called Yummy Mama on 4th Ave. N. in downtown St. Petersburg.

          1. There is a new Russian Store near Wet and Wild! They are great, new things all the time! email me and I will find the name and address for you. wmmbryant@hotmail.com

            1. I wanted to bump your thread back up after discovering a new Russian and Eastern European market near downtown Orlando, the International Market & Deli. The address is 815 N. Mills Avenue in Orlando, FL. Their phone number is 407-228-2821.

              I just discovered the place on Thursday and gave them a very positive review here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/680653

              1. A Polish food store recently opened in Gainesville; it might have some of the things your parents would like: